Cultural Events are Being Canceled Amid the Coronavirus. What Next?

Cultural Events are Being Canceled Amid the Coronavirus. What Next?

Major cultural events across the globe are being suspended while some canceled. We link cultural gatherings to masses of people socializing in proximity. The cancellations are to control the spread of coronavirus. Which has upended many towns, cities, and countries across the globe? Many fairs, flairs, shows, exhibitions, and festivals are all affected. Most art institutions, museums, and galleries are temporarily on lockdown.

Louvre museum in Paris has remained shut amid concerns over France Coronavirus outbreak.

Louvre is the most visited museum in the world, housing the famous ‘Mona Lisa’. Daily, the museum hosts 5000 guests. It was closed down for the fear of contracting the novel virus. The closure preceded a meeting addressing a concern that the staff is at risk of getting infected. Especially since different people from all over visited the museum. The French government, therefore, banned indoor gatherings in the museum. Hence it remains on lockdown until further notice.

Suspension of the blockbuster exhibition in Rome.

The exhibition purposed to mark the 500th anniversary of the death of Halian Renaissance master Raphael. Raphael succumbed at 37years. However, no one knows what caused his death. There is no certainty if it was a disease or a mysterious fever. It was disappointing for the enthusiasts, as they suspended the exhibition days after its opening in Rome.

LA Art Book Fair at MOCA canceled over coronavirus fears.

LA Art Book Fair which attracts up to 30000 guests annually was canceled on Wednesday following coronavirus concern. According to a letter from MOCA, the health and safety of their friends and neighbors remain their top priority.

Cleveland International Festival cancellation.

Mayor Frank Jackson announced on Tuesday that they had cancelled CIFF to control the spread of corona. The annual cinema festival attracts about 100000 people hence very easy for the virus to spread. It is the first time for its cancellation in the last 175 years.

Financial crises and lost opportunities.

Suspension and cancellation of cultural events have resulted in financial crises. For instance, suspension of the blockbuster exhibition in Rome. Not only has it affected ticket holders, but also the economy at large. Especially since culture is a big industry.

Art Basel in Hong Kong also felt the impact on many levels. From tourism to organizers to participants. This fair attracts over 90000 guests from about 70 countries. With the current corona outbreak, especially Hong Kong as one stronghold, there are no more visits. Affecting the country’s economy.

New Innovations

Because of the suspension of social gatherings, creative minds have figured out ways to compensate for the gatherings.

Social media house concerts.

Pianist Igor came up with social media house concerts. To promote the entertainment industry despite the lockdown of theaters. Zero attendance saddened him during the events in concert halls. Via Twitter and Instagram live, he engaged people through his classical music repertoires.

Artists are live streaming in Italy.

Since the whole country is on lockdown, artists are live streaming performances. They say it is a way of trying out new cultural productions. They call it a period of experimentation.

Shanghai Fashion week set to open in digital format.

Because of travel restrictions, designers are working from home towards the Shanghai fashion week. Head of communications consultancy Boh Project, Bohan Qiu is working with labels. To ensure the achievement of virtual stage shows and presentation of labels.