Creation of Energy Efficient Homes in Africa

Africans need to address some of the issues facing them. An example of this is inadequate housing facilities. This is the reason a group of young Africans dubbed “Jua Jamii” have invented portable solar efficient homes. This project not only protects the environment but also provides a habitat for the people. The creation of energy-efficient homes in Africa is a remarkable step towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • These homes are likely to hit the African market come 2020, according to the team leader. He said plans to sum up the product are underway. This group of brilliant minds consists of creative youngsters who achieved their Master’s Degree from the university. They all hail from Tanzania, Swaziland, and Nigeria. The portable houses will be energy efficient with electricity consumption lower than the production. Such an innovation serves to reduce energy use in daily activities in a household.
With what and how the houses are built

The houses are built from shipping containers collected from the ports of Morocco. Therefore the decor they come with is magnificent and unique. They have also been furnished through an African feel by the interior designers who also comprise the group.

The idea of the construction of these houses was birthed during a US competition back in 2017. Sure enough, it has come to solve a pressing need in Africa, which is housing inadequacy. Also, this project will help in preserving energy and using renewable sources like electricity. Such is pollutant-free as compared to petrol and diesel.

How long did the prototype take?

The Jua Jamii are the entrepreneurs Africa needs since their innovation has focused on the smart green movement. This is what African leaders have been lately insisting on. The beautiful house has Northern African architecture. It is thus giving it a cultural feel to anyone who’ll reside in it. This group has architecture engineers, contractors, painters, and interior designers. They all work together to achieve a common goal, which is a fully furnished African home.

The prototype took two weeks, but the group says they can customize a home according to the customer’s needs in the fastest time possible. Energy-efficient homes will also be completed by electricity installation. To boost the energy needs of the dwellers and to ensure at no single point that power interruption prevails. The group also confirmed that the homes they would be constructing could take less time depending on the size and the costs incurred.

Now, the Jua Jamii group has embarked on writing a business plan. By so doing, they can successfully launch the homes as early as in 2020. Following this clever innovation, the housing problem in Africa will subsidize. This is amid rapid population growth, especially in urban areas. Energy-efficient homes are a sure way to safeguard the environment, and the creation of energy-efficient homes in Africa is key.


In spite of the group not winning the prize, the Jua Jamii group insisted on progressing this innovation into a business hub that will solve housing problems. It’s a project that will also create sustainable development. This is because the houses conserve the environment we live in. The prototype has proved to be a success. So, once it’s released to the market, the Jua Jamii group will surely reap the fruits of hard work. This should be what education does to society, creating solutions to problems. Energy-efficient homes are the way to go.


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