COVID-19: Liberian youth makes masks from African print.

COVID-19: Liberian youth makes masks from African print.
Liberian youth

Liberian Youth and the shortage of Masks

The widespread attack of COVID-19 has resulted in mask crises. Since countries across the globe are effortlessly trying to restock the masks. The mask demand as of now outweighs the supply. Both the lightweight masks and heavy-duty N95 masks are in short supply. Liberian youth make masks from African print to supply the country.

China now manufactures 200 million masks daily. Because of the new wave of infections. Despite the doubled efforts, the companies still cannot meet local demands and global supplies. Once the iPhone, shoes and car companies are being retooled to manufacture masks. With companies running at a capacity of 110% production. But they are not even close to meeting the demand for masks globally.

Shortage of melt brown fabric which provides a filtration layer for the protective masks.

Shengjingtong is one of the companies in China that has transitioned to mask production. With the aid of the government subsidies, it has joined the mask making army. Of the 200 million masks made daily in china, only 600000 qualify as standard N95 masks. The National Development and Reform Commission, a state planning body, has however granted lots of new licenses for the opening of new factories. To aid in the production of top-grade masks. However, the operation is quite demanding. Production of masks for both medical officers and consumer purchase requires a material known as melt brown fabric. With the increased demand there is a shortage of melt brown fabric which forms the inner filtration layer in the mask. Making it hard to make masks.

Liberian youths are making African print masks.

Humpheretta Reid has innovated a creative way to control COVID- 19 pandemic. She made protective masks from African prints.

“After seeing the various masks around the world, I was inspired, and I decided to take it to our local culture by creating an African version of You know, I was like; we too can make use of what we have to put an end to this whole coronavirus,” Reid said.

“Do we have almost all we need to fight this virus? We just need to think out of the box, be more creative, make use of what we have and believe that this coronavirus is real; it exists in Liberia,” she added.

She said Ankara is a rich fabric that can equivalently help contain the virus preventing its spread. Necessity is the mother of invention; hence we just have to be innovative.

Precautionary measures in Liberia following an attack by the novel virus.

The country has confirmed three cases of people infected with the novel virus. The World Health Organization has set up various preventive measures. Frequent sanitizing of hands, keeping a two-meter distance from other people. Avoiding social gatherings, touching of eyes, nose, and mouth. Also, practicing self-quarantine. The virus spreads at a fast speed its best to avoid asymptomatic persons. Coughs, sneezing, and fever is common symptoms of the virus. In case one suspects to be infected it’s best to seek medication to help control the virus from spreading.



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