Coronavirus: South Africa’s President Ramaphosa Warns Of Crisis

Coronavirus: South Africa's President Ramaphosa Warns Of Crisis
Coronavirus: South Africa’s President Ramaphosa Warns Of Crisis

The coronavirus started way back in China, Wuhan. Since then it has spread to many countries in Europe and now it has reached the African continent.

About 30 cases have been reported in the African continent. The country of Algeria is the most affected since about 17 cases are confirmed of patients with the virus.

Something interesting is that, 16 of the cases are confirmed in the same family. A similar case that happened in Algeria is that of an Italian who came to visit the country but was sent back home.

The greatest problem facing Africa is due to some factors that countries may be overwhelmed in controlling the virus. Factors such as high levels of poverty, increased conflicts, and poor health services may limit the capabilities of countries controlling it.

Cases of Coronavirus around the Globe

More cases are reported across the continent. 4cases were confirmed in Senegal, 2 in the country of Egypt which first reported the virus in Africa. 1 case is identified in Morocco Nigeria and Tunisia. Sporting activities are adversely affected too. Scheduled fixtures tend to be canceled or postponed to help in the control of this deadly virus.

Malachie Manaouda, the minister of Public Health in Cameroon, says that they are extra vigilant on the spread of the disease. This is due to the 1st case that was confirmed in the country. In Togo, a woman from Lomé was the infected patient but measures to isolate her were administered.

In our country Kenya, the major tourist destinations (Mombasa and Kilifi) are on the danger of being affected by the virus. The capital city is also advised to be on alert since it’s a target due to its high population.

Action taken towards the Spread of the virus

The positive action taken by the government in the preparedness of the disease, is by building a facility at Mbagathi District Hospital as a quarantine center. The hospital has an intensive care unit that is well equipped and 120 beds that are in isolation.

The government is also digging its heels in providing thermometers, beds and face masks. International meetings have been postponed for about 1 month and also flights from South Korea and Iran are not allowed in the country. All these measures put on board is to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread across our country.

As much as the other countries are evacuating its citizens from these affected areas, African governments are doing little to help the African in those affected areas.

“We are sons and daughters of Africa but Africa is not willing to come to our rescue when we need it the most,” says Tisiliyani Salima.

Ghana is trying his best to support its people through financial assistance.

South Africa Confirms Its First Case Of Coronavirus 

The first case of a 38-year-old man has been reported in South Africa. The man is said to have visited Italy before. Cyril Ramaphosa, SA’s President, tells his citizens to keep calm and not to fear. The man was in self-isolation at Kwa Zulu Natal province.

A team has been dispatched to trace everyone who was in contact with the man. This is aimed at stopping the disease from spreading further.

Despite the disease affecting the tourism and travel sectors, there is still hope. South Africa is known for its advanced health systems and this confirms that South Africa will be able to contain the disease until a cure is found.




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