Coronavirus: Low Budget Digital Content Ideas For Churches

Impact of coronavirus on churches
Impact of coronavirus on churches

Coronavirus has almost put every occasion in a standstill in all parts of the world. It is at this time that various means are used by the different governments to try their level best to stop the spread of this novel coronavirus. These measures include social isolation, self-quarantine, washing of hands using soaps and sanitizers. This has made it very difficult for people to gather physically, especially in social amenities such as the churches; therefore, worship is banned to some extent. Everyone has to accept the situation right now that public gatherings have been banned. Failure to observe this has to face the circumstances.

It has now forced some churches to come together and strategize, adopt new means to stay connected with the congregation. Unfortunately, others have been left wondering and murmuring simply because the ban has caught them off guard. With the directives issued by most governments to stop church gatherings. The majority of the church leaders have taken the situation in their hands to communicate with their church members concerning the ban. And they are calling upon Christians to continue praying for the case and adhere to the protocols and the education issued on the pandemic.

It is so clear that at this critical time in history that everything goes digital. It is now upon the church to adopt a digital platform to enhance its ways of communication, but to some extent, the budget seems to be a nuisance for them. This article brings to you 3 top ideas church leaders are using to counter the strict ban for going to churches.

Bulk SMS from the church’s head to their followers

Sending bulk SMS is absolutely an excellent tool for the church leaders to use in its delivery of the message to its members. It includes the daily broadcast of the scriptures to update the church members of the good news and other essential newsletters of the church and even others giving updates on the pandemic. Because of the excellent connectivity of the members with their mobile SMS can be a better way. This can be better if the pastor is using one mobile phone that belongs to the church or the contact used should be personal. And the communication should be consistent with the programs scheduled followed to the latter.

WhatsApp Messenger

This platform requires an internet connection to connect with the church members effectively. Apart from the frequent and standard messaging. This platform allows for the creation of groups whereby every member can contribute equally and message delivered to utmost everyone in the same period.  Whatsapp platform also allows sending an image, video, and audio to everyone, thus useful for communication. Whatsapp allows for status updates; hence self-motivating quotes and Christ love can be shared through the updates on the status. Thus bringing hope and lease of life to the fainthearted fellows.

 Church website

At these platforms, the church can have its free private site and a well-running app. This is where all the necessary information is being shared. Both the church website and the app allows for the motivating bible guides to be shared to the members. And sharing of songs to that comfort during their difficult times. As a result, they get updates in everything from the church leaders. Meetings, online sermons can be shared through the sites, making it easy for members to watch anytime!



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