Coronavirus Fears For Italy’s Exploited African Fruit Pickers

Coronavirus Fears For Italy's Exploited African Fruit Pickers
Coronavirus Fears For Italy’s Exploited African Fruit Pickers

Impact on the Fruit Collectors

It hit hard the country of Italy since it had its first case of the virus. The death toll is at 4032, whereas cases are at 47021, which is an increase of 14.6%. The saddest part is that the migrant laborers who collect fruit live in overcrowded camps. The Health state in the southern region is not as good and developed as the one in the northern region.

The fruit collectors in the tent camps lack electricity and water, which are essential needs for the people living there. In the northern region, they expect the laborers from the European region to return to their countries.

The Conditions Under Which The People Are Living.

Migrant laborers get unfair treatment and exploited. They do manual jobs for many hours and others may even get denied their wages. Since the spread of the disease is rampant in the country, the pandemic puts the workers in greater danger.

Coldiretti statically estimates that more than 100000 migrant laborers in the country of Italy are from eastern Europe and the African continent.

Employers from the agricultural sector indulge in a prohibited employment system whereby the laborers get underpaid. This is a criminal act that needs attention and corrective measures immediately taken to safeguard the rights of the workers there.

During the last summer season, they shut the purlieu down as the Italian civil defense created a new tent camp that had enough water and electricity. Hygienic conditions improved since the camp got sanitized after many calls from the mayor.

One measure advocated for in controlling the spread of the virus is by social distancing. This act, however, is hard to achieve in the place since many people live in the region and are therefore in great numbers.

There are 2 overcrowded favelas having about 200 people in each, the migrants live in houses built from scrap and cardboards.

Francesco Piobbichi says, “This requires an immediate intervention from the authorities to put these people in a condition of safety and dignity.

“These workers are key to fill supermarkets’ shelves with fresh fruits and vegetables. We cannot deny them protection amid the emergency.”


Effective Measures In Controlling The Situation At Hand.

Andrea Tripodi, the mayor of San Ferdinando, dispenses sanitizers and gloves for the people.

The aid groups are creating awareness despite the lockdown which restricts the movement of the aid workers.

Alessandro Verona, a health worker with the INTERSOS, says that proficient prevention methods are to bring people out of the overcrowded slums. Failing to act quickly will cause the situation to be out of hand.

Italy gives permits to migrants having agreements. However, there are many official processes involved. This causes permits to take a longer time to arrive, causing delays. The coronavirus pandemic caused the procedure to get interrupted.

The region of southern Campania records more than 600 infected people. The migrant laborers are coming together near roundabouts of the roads to see their bosses.