Clip of Chinese Whipping Kenyan Waiter Goes Viral

Distressing video of Chinese Whipping Kenyan

On Saturday of 8th February, somewhat disturbing footage of a Kenyan man being whipped by a Chinese surfaced online. According to K24, we believe the Chinese descendant to be a chef in Chez Wou restaurant in Kileleshwa. There were claims of the waiter being punished for allegedly reporting late to work. Clear evidence from the video exhibits the lad receiving two strokes of the cane on his ass.

Twist of story

When Kenya’s sought clarifications to the story, they were served with different narration. The restaurant owner Deng affirmed that the act of whipping owed to an instead dare game. Following which the waiter would be paid Ksh 600 upon being whipped. He stressed that the two were playing consequent to the laughter sounds that came from the background. According to him, the laugher sound signified the gentlemen were having fun.

” They made a bet, one cane for Ksh 300, and so for the two stokes he was paid Ksh 600,” 

 Deng stated, adding that the video recording was from three months ago.


Dennis Omogah, the manager, accused Simon, the waiter of blackmail. He said, following Simon’s dismissal because of theft in the eatery. He resorted to blackmail Mr. Deng to pay him off or rather tarnish the restaurant’s name. Because of a futile attempt, he uploaded the video online to avenge. Dennis alleged that Simon also reported to Kileleshwa police station that as an employee of the restaurant, he was ill-treated.

The complainant even showed the policemen bruises on his body, which he claimed were from the strokes, demanding justice. He said he had been receiving medical attention. When the policemen asked for medical documents, he could not produce hence possibilities were he fabricated the story. Deng added that he was using the video to solicit money from him.

What happened

After the dismissal of Simon from the restaurant, they reported it he paid the manager a visit from which we offered him a two-day job and waged 1000 shillings. However, days later, two men confronted Mr. Deng, claiming one was police from DCI and another one k24 reporter. The DCI guy, however, stated that they required 300000 shillings from him to get rid of the allegations. Mr. Deng told them he could only offer lunch. Later in the day, when he inquired with the police station, he was informed that they sent nobody over to his restaurant in that it was all malice.

 Omogah, the restaurant manager, clarified the claims of mistreating the hotel staff and instead said they were handled with much respect and valued for even their salaries, and we delivered bonuses on time. Besides allegations by Simon seem concocted as not only is the laughter but also the chef seems to be completely aware of being recorded. Like it would be so ironic for a villain to allow himself be part of a recording that would sell him out.



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