Mayors Agree To Work With Youth Climate Activist To Achieve Global Green New Deal.

Climate change all over the world is no longer news.

African youth have come together to create awareness in Africa about climate change since they are not left out. And these youths are struggling to be heard in some part of Africa.

It is surprising that some do not know neither have they heard about climate change and what it’s really about. The climate in Africa is different from the other part of the world and it may be affected immensely.

Climate Change.

This has to do with a significant change in the weather condition of a region. This change or variation could be abnormal from what is expected in a particular region or the world at large.

Effects Of Climate Change.
  1. Whatever is called abnormal sure has an effect, it’s effect could either be on humans, animals or plants. In the case of climatic abnormality, it could affect every living thing on earth.

Some of the effects of climate change are;

  •  1. Increase in Global surface temperature (global warming)
  • 2. Changes the nature of rainfall patterns globally; this affects evaporation, snow, streamflow.
  • 3. It affects water supply and the quality of water because water becomes warmer in temperature, this accelerates water pollution.
  • 4. Changes in the frequency of extra weather result.
Causes of Climate Change.
  • It is caused by humans activities. This is because humans emit greenhouse gas into the air on a daily base.
  • Greenhouse Gasses
  • The primary greenhouse gasses in the Earth’s atmosphere are; Water vapor, Carbon dioxide. Methane,
  • nitrous oxide, and ozone. These active gasses evaporate from the planet’s atmosphere then radiate energy in all directions.
  • This radiation warms the planet’s surface temperature and atmosphere beyond what it should be on a normal day.
Youth Climate Activists

Youth activists believe that youths are the future and its time to take up some of the responsibilities handed to the elderly leaders. Youths will grow to become the leaders of their nations in a few years while the elders may be gone or retired.

These activists are on the move to ensuring that every African becomes aware of how to achieve the global green new deal. Although Africa produces a tiny fraction of the greenhouse emission, it is necessary to create awareness. Lack of information and education on the subject had been a problem since those living in urban areas may be affected. So activists are educating people about the effects of climate change in the region. Youths climate activist campaign is ongoing in of Africa  nations such as; Ghana,

Efforts of Local Activists And Officials;

African climate activists are putting in so much effort to educate Africans on the subject. And also ensure that there are solutions to reduce climate change effects. The campaign in Ghana is getting stronger, compared to other African nations.

In Ghana, efforts are made through conferences. This enables leaders, officials, business people and activists to come together from across the continent to seek a way forward. Akwannusah Gyimah, Chief Executive of Asokwa in central Ghana said;

The poorly maintained vehicles that belch acrid black flumes into the face of passersby in his region is his target. The maintenance of those vehicles who reduce the carbon dioxide that goes into the atmosphere.

Togoles activists Kevin Ossal, 22, plan on a more practical step like planting trees, educating rural communities and writing to leaders calling for action.

Although there are challenges reaching so many youths at a time and results are not significant at the moment. The hope of producing better and effective results is high and expected in Africa.

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