CitizenGo, a Spanish Organization Under Threats In Nigeria


CitizenGo, a Spanish non-government organization based in Nigeria is recently under a lot of threats. This organization has about 36 stations in Nigeria with their head office in Abuja. This organization provides affordable family planning services to women and men. It was reported that the authorities raided Marie’s clinic in Lagos. The police officers hassled patients, workers and even took with them confidential documents regarding patients’ health.

The raid of the clinic sent out an ugly message. People no longer feel safe in health facilities. That raid was proof to the common population that they do not deserve quality services. This type of action is simply a violation of the basic human rights. Nigeria contributes 10% to maternal deaths coming fourth after Sierra Leone, Chad and Central African Republic. It is very unreasonable for the police to attack a station that aims at protecting the health of its own population.

Benefits of CitizenGo to Nigeria

CitizenGo is a safe place where women can go and take control of their reproductive health. This place is safe as there is no judgment. It is a necessity to women as it reduces the risk of maternal deaths. This incident occurred in a period when the Nigerian senate is complaining of an overburdened health system. CitizenGo has been very beneficial in the Nigerian health system. The mortality rate of women and girls is increasing each day due to poor sexual and reproductive health services. The 2018 NDHS report states that the target set for family planning declined from 20% to 16% in 2013 and increased to 19% in 2019.

What is Family panning?

Family planning is a birth control system that limits the number of children a couple can have according to their preference. About 19% of women in Nigeria do not get sufficient family planning services they crave. Thus, it is wrong to hold it against Marie Stopes when her agenda is just to help these women by offering them affordable services. It should not matter if they are married or unmarried, their consent is the most important thing.

Organizations like CitizenGo are necessary to get rid of myths about important societal issues. These organizations provide counselling services that help the society tackle issues such as overpopulation and poverty in a modern way. The effort of these organizations receives praises by the National Strategic Health Plan. The National Strategic Health Plan has an agenda to promote access to quality health and reproduction services. This will help reduce maternal, neonatal, child and adolescent morbidity.

Reasons why CitizenGo is under attack

CitizenGo is partnering up with a new hate group, World Congress. There activities have been banned in Madrid terming their campaign as hate based. Extremists have been carrying out training in Kenya and Nigeria to block women from accessing the reproductive health services from CitizenGo.

The work of CitizenGo needs motivation and praises all over. Nigerian policies and laws support women’s rights on post abortion. The providers of these services should undergo the attacks instead promoted as their work for the good of the country.They are just doing their job; no one should subject them to threats. The work they do is saving lives of women and young girls.



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