Cheetah Cubs Smuggled Out of Ethiopia every month.

Cheetah cubs and the cheetah population is at the risk of being eradicated. Illegal trade of these cubs has led to smuggling in countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia. Almost four cheetah cubs are smuggled out of Ethiopia every month. Ethiopia`s Wildlife Conservation Authority (WCA) confirmed these reports.

Cheetah Cubs Capture and Sale

Ethiopian locals contribute to the capture and sale of these cubs. The locals capture the cubs for their financial benefits. Locals get paid 10,000 to 15,000 Ethiopian birrs for each cub. Captured cubs get smuggled to Hargeisa in Somaliland first. Poachers, later on, traffic the cubs through Yemen for resale. Smugglers resell the cubs to the wealthy in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Rich citizens of these countries buy these cubs in the black markets for more than 10,000 dollars. These individuals keep the cubs as pets and as a status symbol.

Smuggling of Cheetah Cubs 

Many of the cheetah cubs end up dying during smuggling. Some smugglers hide these cubs in backpacks. During other recoveries, investigators discover cubs in plastic bins with no water, oxygen, or food. Smugglers tie these bins onto the backs of their pickup trucks during transport. Smugglers also put these cubs in cardboard boxes and take little or no care of them. These boxes become flea-infested and leave the little cubs scared. In some other instances where rescuers rescue cubs before resale. Rescuers find cubs tied together and secured to the ground with ropes around their necks.

The Cheetah Conservation Efforts.

Cheetahs are very fragile animals and cannot survive to live under horrific conditions. They only survive for a few months, and this makes them very unsuitable as pets. Because of their short life span, the rich and wealthy constantly demand new cheetahs. These individuals constantly spend large sums of money to keep their illegal private collections running. This, in turn, has led to an increase in cheetah poaching.

In the year 2005, CCF became a founder member of the Coalition Against Wildlife Trafficking (CAWT). This coalition united six governments and 15 NGOs in the fight against illegal wildlife trafficking. The CCF has been continuously assisting the government authorities in the confiscation of cheetahs and cheetahs parts. At first, the CCFs main concentration was on species like the rhino, tiger, and the elephant. But later on, the trafficking of cheetahs became a problem that they could not pay so little attention to anymore. The CCF has hence dedicated its resources in the fight against cheetah poaching. They have set aside a facility to help with the intercepted stolen cheetah cubs. At this facility, the cubs receive proper medication, food, and care from vets and devoted animal caregivers.

The uniting and commitment of governments and wildlife organizations is essential. If the aim is to control and end the problem of trading of live animals, then joining together will be necessary. These joint efforts will assist even in the control of trading and movement of animals through roads, airports, and seaports. Otherwise, if they do nothing, and with 300 cheetahs taken yearly, cheetahs will become extinct.

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