Chad’s Path Forward: Interim President Deby Leads Campaign to End Junta Rule

Chad's Interim Leader Steps Up for Election Campaign Kickoff
Junta-run Chad opens campaign for key December referendum |

Chad’s Path Forward: Interim President Deby Leads Campaign to End Junta Rule

Chad’s Interim President, Mahamat Idriss Deby, Launches Presidential Campaign

In N’Djamena, Chad’s capital, Interim President Mahamat Idriss Deby commenced his presidential campaign, aiming to steer the nation towards stability and economic growth ahead of next month’s elections. This electoral process marks a significant milestone, as Chad is the first among several West and Central African countries under military rule since 2020 to organize elections amid concerns of democratic regression.

Addressing a sizable audience amid scorching weather, President Deby emphasized his commitment to restoring constitutional order. “Today we are at the final turn on the road to constitutional return,” he declared, surrounded by a tight security detail. Pledging to prioritize internal security for peace and stability, Deby, a soldier himself, vowed to fulfill his promises.

Deby ascended to power in 2021 following the death of his father, President Idriss Deby, in combat against rebels. Initially pledging a swift transition to civilian rule, Deby’s government postponed elections to 2024, allowing him to run for president—a decision met with protests violently quelled by security forces, resulting in civilian casualties.

Acknowledging the challenges of governance in Chad, Deby defended his administration’s actions, urging against simplistic criticisms. His candidacy announcement in March came amidst controversy following the killing of opposition figure Yaya Dillo in a confrontation with security forces, casting doubts on the election’s fairness.

Notably, this election marks the first time in Chad’s history that a president and a prime minister—recently-appointed Succes Masra—will compete in a presidential poll. The electoral process spans two rounds, with provisional results expected in July.

In his inaugural campaign speech, Deby outlined ambitious plans to modernize agriculture, bolster industry, enhance infrastructure, and ensure reliable electricity—a crucial agenda in a country where over 40% of the population lives below the poverty line. Chad faces additional challenges, including an influx of refugees from neighboring Sudan, exacerbating food insecurity.

As Chad prepares for a pivotal electoral moment, the stakes are high, with hopes for a peaceful transition to civilian governance and a brighter future for its citizens.


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