Caught Red Handed: Maid Feeding Her Urine to Baby Arrested


The Uganda police detained a maid on 8 December 2020, who was feeding her urine to the baby of her employer. The Metropolitan Police in Kampala has confirmed that Vicky Abira, the maid, who has been feeding her urine to the boss’ baby, has been arrested. They charged her for doing something that could hurt the baby’s health. Since tests on the infant showed a urinary tract infection, they found her guilty of transmitting dangerous diseases. Abira admitted after an interrogation that she was giving her urine to her boss’ daughter. Hope Chica, the child’s mother, told the police she got suspicious after going to the maid’s room and saw the baby’s bottle full of urine.

“The parents got concerned and asked her what the substances were, and she could not easily explain. When they smelt, they discovered it was urine, and when they questioned her hard, she confessed that it was indeed urine,” said KMP spokesperson SP Patrick Onyango.

The Silent Sinner: Maid Caught Feeding Her Urine To Boss’ Baby

Chica said that Abira was hired recently to take care of her baby. Certainly, it remains unclear why the house help had resorted to this beastly act. Chica noted that the maid had hardly spent a month with her. The mother of the baby narrated that, every morning, before she left for work, she would ask her house help to take breakfast. Ironically, the house help would refuse to join her to have breakfast with claims she was fasting. Abia, the house help, constantly claimed that she was a believer in Jesus Christ. Furthermore, she stressed that she liked to feed on the word of God as her daily meal. Thus, her bible never left her side, so she claimed. Pretentiously, she did this to gain her boss’ trust that she was a good person. This was going on for a while until her boss caught up with her treachery.

“Upon interrogation, the maid confessed that she was giving my daughter her urine,” Chica told police.

Onyango stated that the parents told the police immediately, and they arrested the perpetrator. Investigators took her and the infant to be checked for medical evaluation. Sadly, the child was found STI positive.

“We are going to submit the substance to the Government Analytical Laboratory. They will confirm the DNA of the urine with further analysis,” police said.

Increased Child Abuse

The media also report cases of child abuse by house helpers to be on the rise in different parts of the Kampala Metropolitan Area. Such cases have been rampant in Uganda. Housemaids torture their employers’ babies to the extent of battering them, feeding them on feces, using them sexually, sacrificing them to spirits, and what have you. Jolly Tumuhiirwe is among the many who do these monstrous acts. Since they found the infant with bruises, the father of the girl set up a hidden camera in his living room. After being filmed on the camera mistreating an 18-month-old baby, the 22-year-old was detained, charged, and sentenced in July 2014.

Onyango, the spokesperson for the police, advised parents, before assigning maids these duties, to remember to do a background check of those they recruit. Abira is now being held at Kira Division while further tests are being carried out on the baby.



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