Cape Town Airport Tops Africa: Survey Reveals Best Airport Title

Cape Town Airport Tops Africa: Survey Reveals Best Airport Title

Cape Town Airport Tops Africa: Survey Reveals Best Airport Title

Cape Town International Airport has clinched the title of the best airport on the African continent, as revealed in a recent customer survey conducted by Skytrax, a leading consumer ratings organization in the aviation industry.

Despite its global ranking slipping to 54th, Cape Town Airport’s top position in Africa underscores its commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. Notably, the airport has declined in its global ranking recently, with its 2020 position at 23rd.

The South African aviation landscape shines further, with Durban Airport securing the second spot and Johannesburg Airport landing in third place in the continental listing, showcasing the country’s airport operations and service quality prowess.

Meanwhile, the airport in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, achieved a seventh position in the African rankings, highlighting its growing prominence as a regional aviation hub. Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport secured the 10th spot, reaffirming its significance within the East African aviation landscape.

The Skytrax customer survey serves as a testament to the dedication of airports across the African continent to elevating passenger experiences and enhancing operational efficiency. Cape Town Airport leads the pack in Africa and sets a high standard for excellence in airport service delivery, inspiring others to strive for continuous improvement and innovation in the aviation industry.

Furthermore, Durban and Johannesburg airports’ strong performances underscore South Africa’s position as a leader in aviation infrastructure and service quality within Africa. Their recognition in the Skytrax survey highlights the country’s commitment to maintaining high standards across its airports.

In East Africa, Addis Ababa’s airport in Ethiopia and Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Kenya also earned commendable rankings. This recognition reflects their importance as key hubs for regional and international travel within the continent.


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