Cancer Screening is Saving Lives in Africa

Cancer is quickly surpassing other diseases as the leading cause of death among Africans. As a result, governments have started to form alliances with several non-profit organizations to turn the tide for the better. Research shows that most people that succumb to cancer do so due to misinformation on their illness, lack of funds to go for tests, or late diagnoses. However, the process of screening is helping to ensure those who are ailing know so early enough to get life-saving treatment.

Cancer Screening Initiatives

Due to the rise of cancer cases in Africa, different organizations have come up with screening initiatives. These help to improve early detection of the disease. What makes these a welcome action is that they occur at different periods throughout the year. People in Africa have access to free screenings during periods other than the World Cancer Day in February, or the Cancer Awareness Month of October. That’s why we can confidently say that cancer screening is saving lives in Africa.

There are regular screening clinics held by NGOs to help build awareness around getting yourself checked. These happen mostly at hospitals and churches, pulling huge crowds because they’re free of charge. They can be for a weekend, or an entire week, depending on the organization running them.

Apart from these are the mobile clinics that go a step further than the screening clinics. That’s because they take it upon themselves to try and reach out to those in extremely remote areas, to conduct free cancer screenings. These could be said to be the most effective since their presence is not only medically beneficial but also informative, as they also educate the crowds in the process.

Types of Cancer Screening Tests

Cancer has the possibility of effecting any part of the body. However, some forms are more common than others. Therefore, the most commonly found screening tests include:

  • Colonoscopy for colon cancer
  • Transvaginal ultrasound for ovarian cancer
  • Mammography for breast cancer
  • Skin tests for skin cancer
  • Pap smear for cervical cancer
  • PSA test for prostate cancer

The variety of cancer tests has played a significant role in creating awareness about cancer. As a result, cancer screening is saving lives in Africa.

Impact of Regular Screening

The process of screening, if done correctly, helps to ensure those who are ailing know so early enough to get life-saving treatment. Ensure you go for regular screening tests to avoid suffering from a treatable yet quickly fatal disease. Having this knowledge and spreading it around has been proven to have a positive impact on Africans as far as the battle to fight cancer deaths. Regular cancer screening is saving lives in Africa, in an age where cancer is the order of the day.


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