Burundi Confirms Its First Two COVID-19 Cases


The Corona virus was declared a pandemic several weeks ago. Despite the efforts put in place to curb the outbreak, the virus is rapidly spreading across Africa, Burundi. The infection has led many to panic as many have died. The African continent is struggling to its best to contain the virus. According to the latest news, on Tuesday, Burundi records its first two cases. Health minister Thadee Ndikumana reports that the two citizens are aged fifty-six and forty-two. The two recently traveled to Rwanda and Dubai, respectively.  In a news conference, Dr. Ndikumana says both are undergoing treatment at the Bumerac Hospital based in Bujumbura.

Arrival and contact

As you know, one of the ways to curb the spread of the Corona virus as outlaid by the World Health Organization is to avoid contact with the infected people. Now, worry and panic rest upon most of Burundi citizens because the government did not say when the two arrived in the country. Consequently, the health minister says they have not revealed the arrival date as it may jeopardize the efforts in place to trace contacts. He also says that investigations are underway to determine those who came to conduct with the infected.

Neighboring nations such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania as well as Rwanda have reported several cases of Corona virus. As a result, Burundi suspends all flights to and from the country, especially from Melchior Ndadaye International Airport. Furthermore, they have started to screen returnees alongside visitors from COVID-19 infected countries. Belgian, French schools, together with French cultural centers, suspend all their activities in the country for a minimum of fifteen days to curb the spread.

The fear of COVID-19 spread in Burundi

A twenty-nine-year-old French international is said to have traveled to Rwanda on 5th March to 9th. She reveals that she was in contact with a friend who tested positive for the Corona virus in Kigali. Consequently, this has forced Burundi to suspend all travels across its borders. Last week, a truck driver found in Kagera, one of Burundi borders, tested positive for the virus. Ummy Ally Malimu, the Tanzanian Health Minister, confirms. According to the reports, the driver enters through Kabanga, which is a common border between Tanzania and Burundi. At the moment, Burundi is doing what it can to fight the spread of the deadly virus.


It is high time for all of Burundi citizens as well as the whole of the Africa continent to take this issue seriously. Most of the African countries launched the lockdown policy by last week, while others are imposing curfews as strategies to minimize the spread. The infection is real and dangerous; do not ignore the outlaid measures to curb the spread of the Corona virus. Ensure you maintain public distancing, avoid mass gatherings, wash your hands often with water and soap if you can afford a sanitizer, and stay at home. Besides, I call upon the national government to assist the needy as this is the time citizens need them the most. Let us fight together, and we will conquer.