Somalia To Set Up a Blood Bank In Decades.

Somalia’s government announced that it is setting up a blood bank. This announcement was made on the day the country had her second anniversary, of the deadliest terrorist attack, that killed a lot of people. The lack of a national blood bank has been a challenge to saving the lives of victims of violence. It is reported that the facility would have a storage capacity of 10,000 units of blood. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 unit of blood can save up to 3 persons.

Having a reliable blood transfusion service in a nation is essential to the health of every citizen in a locality. A blood bank is a center where blood gathered through individual donation are stored and preserved for later use. In every hospital, there is a section where blood storage takes place, here blood is being checked and treated before use.

Somalia is a country located in the horn of Africa, Mogadishu as its capital city. It is a member of the Arab League. It has experienced violence and attacks that have claimed the lives of many. In spite of the attacks Somalia government is striving to build and make her people happy. Somalia is considered as a part of the Arab world under the Territorial definition. Somalia has two major languages which are Arabic and Somalia.

Blood; is a body fluid that delivers nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the body and also carries metabolic wastes out of the cells.

Reasons For A Blood Bank;

The need for a blood blank in a city can not be overemphasized. What patients need during an emergency is not food nor water but blood. So many have lost their lives in hospitals where blood bank is absent.

It has been observed that most time accident victims, pregnant women, children, and other emergency patients, rushed to the clinics do not die from the pain but from lack of blood. When bleeding occurs in a man and there is no transfusion carried out on the man, death is inevitable. The hospital blood bank is responsible for rapid response to urgent requests for blood. aaaaaaAnd also

Blood Donation;

You may be wondering if it is healthy to donate blood; yes it is healthy because it helps you improve cardiovascular health and reduce obesity. Another advantage of blood donation is that Ti helps to reduce the risk of liver and pancreas being damaged.

So many persons have avoided donating blood because of fear but then there is no cause for alarm. Our body replaces the lost fluid within 24-48 hours while the red blood cells are rep[enished after a few weeks (10-12 weeks). Blood is donated voluntarily in hospitals for the purpose of transfusion. An individual may transfuse his whole blood or a section of his blood.

In Somalia, doctors have taken it upon themselves to lead blood donation campaigns. This is a way of ensuring that everyone is involved in the process of saving lives by donating blood into the blood bank for use since one pint of blood can save at least three lives.