Blasian Love: The Day We Introduced Our Black And Asian Families

Blasian Love: The Day We Introduced Our Black And Asian Families
Blasian love

The Story Of A Blasian Love

This is the Blasian love story of Tumelo, of a black race, and Ithra, his girlfriend is of Asian origin, of how they met despite the critics. The girl’s family was supposed to meet Tumelo’s family on a hot Saturday afternoon.

This would be the first time for the families to meet each other and obviously, the atmosphere would be full of nervousness.

“It’s making me nervous because this is an example of what it means to integrate,” Tumelo says.

Activities That Were Involved In The Earlier Week

The couple was excited as they were at Rose bank mall in Johannesburg. They were confirming if they would be accepted for a junior doctor’s placement in Cape town of which they received it at the same hospital, eventually. Another pending issue was that they were to organize for their families to meet up.

During The Late Of 2019

The couple is at 24 and it was their end year of a medical school in Jo-burg called the Wits University.

Tumelo and Ithra were friends in their first year and started dating and going for outs when they were in their 3rd year of the course.

They say they both had previous relationships, and some were even outside their races.

The Apartheid Rule And Relationships Between The Blacks And Asian People

The apartheid rule in South Africa was all about racial discrimination and people’s freedom was limited. However, it ended in 1994. The couple in the story was born around that year and is considered to be among the 1st generation in the country with the freedom to love whoever they wanted.

They say the relationships between black and Asian people to be very rare. Ithra says that if relationships are interracial, it is between a white person and a person who is not of the European parentage. The Blasian couples despite their rare occasion, constantly promote their relationships over social media.

Ithra’s Story

She is from Cape Malay, and her dad is Indian. Her mother lives in Jo-burg and it’s where Tumelo and her met. Rayana is the name of her mother, and she has 4 sisters.

Rayana moved to Johannesburg from Kenya, she was a single mum then and she raised all her 4 daughters by herself.

Ithra’s mum opposed apartheid in her time together with other black activists in the region.

The Life Of The Couple And Ithra’s Grandparents

The couple lived with their families but they are planning to move to a new town. Ashraf is the grandfather to Ithra whereas Washiela is her grandmother. Her grandparents were living during the apartheid era and they hardly accepted her daughter’s choice of boyfriend.

The Day Of The Meetup

Modjadji, Tumelo’s mother, prepares mopane worms during that day. When Ithra came, Tumelo went for the door and the family of the girl carried flowers and Asian food. The family sat down,  said prayers and they shared meals in lots of love.



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