Bill Gates’ Daughter Engaged by Egyptian Equestrian


Nayel Nasser is the lucky man to engage Bill Gate’s eldest daughter Jennifer Gates. The two are graduates from Stanford University where they met and fell for each other. Nayel Nasser is an expert horse equestrian and will represent Egypt in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The two share an amazing love for each other as well as for the game. The daughter to the billionaire and Microsoft founder could not hide her joy after the love of her life proposed. She took to her Instagram account to declare how happy and lucky she felt. Jennifer Gates said yes to the proposal from her prince charming during a sporting weekend with the horses. Additionally, the gentleman also posted on his Instagram account that he was the luckiest man in the world for engaging such a lovely woman. Bill Gates’ daughter engaged by Egyptian equestrian is also a crazy equestrian and they both share a mutual love for the sport.

Nayel Nasser’s origin

The champion was born in Egypt but now lives in Kuwait with his family. Nayel met Jennifer Gates at Stanford University where both started a love journey. With an endless love for horses, Jenn could not help it but fall for the man. The 29-year-old gentleman will be marrying the 23-year-old princess after she accepted her proposal. The two enjoyed a weekend in horse racing sports. It turned out that Nayel had decided to surprise his lady at the same time. Jennifer Gates confirmed that this was the sweetest surprise ever. Getting a proposal from the love of his life was the best thing that happened to her. Bill Gates’ daughter engaged by Egyptian equestrian happens to be an amazing match.

Bill Gates’ and Melinda Gates’ reaction

The couple announced the good news to their social media handles. In regards to this, the Microsoft billionaire and his wife sent congratulatory messages to the two. Melinda said she was so happy for her daughter and her lover and she wished them nothing but the best. Bill Gates was also a happy father to his eldest daughter. Of course, the two now have the go-ahead to marry each other. This is the greatest love story ever for an American celeb getting engaged by an Egyptian. Nayel Nasser is a gifted horse racer. He’s been in the sports since his days at Stanford. Jennifer also loves the sport and that’s why the two strike a match. Bill Gates’ daughter engaged by Egyptian equestrian is indeed a sweet story.

The Bottom Line

The recent engagement of Bill Gates’ eldest daughter to an Egyptian equestrian took social media by the waves. Followers of the two sent countless congratulatory messages. They wished them a happy life together. Jennifer already confirmed that she can’t wait to spend the rest of her life with Nayel, the love of his life. The couple will be tying the knot soon since they have also received parental blessings. Bill Gates’ daughter engaged by Egyptian equestrian is the best story of our time.


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