AU Mission in Somalia: Troops Receive Training on Child Protection

AU Mission in Somalia: Troops Receive Training on Child Protect
ATMIS troops trained on child protection in armed conflict - African Transition

AU Mission in Somalia: Troops Receive Training on Child Protection

Gloria Jaase, the Senior Protection and Human Rights Officer at ATMIS, emphasized the critical importance of the training in Somalia, highlighting the vulnerability of children in conflict zones. She stressed the need to implement measures and establish structures to safeguard children during armed conflict, noting that children often suffer the most in such situations. Jaase underlined the significance of prioritizing child protection issues during ATMIS military operations and the gradual handover of security responsibilities to the Somali Security Forces.

Jaase further emphasized that training troops in child protection would enhance their ability to monitor and report incidents, enabling the development of effective child protection programs based on gathered information. Participants in the training covered various topics, including mainstreaming child protection, children’s rights, legal standards, regional and global frameworks, and Somalia’s national framework for child protection.

Ferdinand Nintunze, the Senior Case Management, Processes, and Database Officer for ATMIS at the AUCF, reiterated the mission’s commitment to safeguarding vulnerable populations, particularly children. He emphasized that children are integral to civilian populations and that the training aimed to equip Ethiopian troops with the necessary skills to protect and advocate for children’s rights.

Maj. Aman Wako, ATMIS Chief of the Joint Operations Centre in Baidoa, described the training as informative and interactive, expressing gratitude to ATMIS for organizing such valuable sessions. He noted that the training provided significant insights into child protection in conflict situations and expressed hope for similar sessions in the future to benefit the troops.

Lance Corporal Atsede Hailu Tulu, one of the participants, acknowledged the knowledge gained from the training and called for similar sessions in other ATMIS sectors. He emphasized the personal and collective learning outcomes from the training and expressed optimism that such sessions would enhance operational efficiency in the future.


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