Artists In Nigeria that Have Obtained a Global Audience


If you ask anybody on the street, a friend or a family member “where does music come from?”, I assure you that you wouldn’t get a straight answer and that is because the music itself is everywhere. Believe it or not, music is essential to our daily life. Without music, I absolutely believe that our lives would be distasteful and completely boring. In many African countries, music plays a role in the life of its people because music is used in rituals and religious ceremonies. Throughout the years, music has evolved and has caught the attention of people around the world that want to be a part of the history of music. In West Africa, Nigeria there are a lot of artists that have contributed to keeping music alive and are reaching amazing levels in their career.

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun known by his stage name “Wiz Kid” is a music artist from Lagos Nigeria. He rose to fame around the year of 2011 when he was already an established artist at Nigeria. Although, he was known mainly at Nigeria at some time he began to get a global recognition when he began collaborating with other artists out of the country such as Wale, Drake and much more. He truly has reached his goal following his passion and making something out of himself as many others wish to do.

David Adedeji Adeleke, known as his stage Davido is also a Nigerian recording artist, performer, and recording producer. He released his first single called “Dami Duro” in the year of 2011 which he received a lot of recognition throughout Nigeria. In the year 2016 is when he received the deal of a lifetime being signed to Sony Music. Some would say around that year is when he achieved global Audience.

Panshak Henry Zamani is a musician artist that is known as Ice Prince. He is mostly known in Nigeria. When he released a track called “Oleku” that was the song of the time which caught the attention of other Africans around the continent and made its way throughout different countries. It is said around the year of 2011 is when he attained global recognition for his art.

Augustine Miles Kelechi known as his stage name Tekno Miles is a recent artist from Nigeria that rose to fame in the year of 2015. Although, he has released some amazing songs throughout his career the one that stuck out the most which I believe expanded his career was a track called “Pana”.

Yemi Eberechi Alade is a female songwriter and singer born in Nigeria. It is said she gained her attention in the year of 2009 but she is known for her hit single “Johnny” which went worldwide.

Oluwabankole Wellington under the stage name of Banky W. is a singer, rapper, and actor. He is mostly known for his music career that has been doing well by the looks of things. Some people may agree or disagree with me but I think he achieved a global audience in the year of 2013 when he released his album “R&BW” an album that I believe was his best than the others he had done previously.

These few music artists that have been mentioned in this article have by far accomplished amazing things in their career field while expanding their music not only in their country but around the world.

Featured Image via Pixabay