Anti-Slavery Campaigner Takes Stand, Returns OBE Over Government’s Rwanda Scheme

nti-Slavery Campaigner Takes Stand, Returns OBE Over Government's Rwanda Scheme
Aidan McQuade Dr Aidan McQuade is a former director of Anti-Slavery International

Anti-Slavery Campaigner Takes a stand and returns to OBE Over Government’s Rwanda Scheme

Dr. Aidan McQuade, a distinguished figure in the fight against modern slavery, has boldly returned his honorary OBE (Officer of the British Empire) to the British government. In a poignant letter addressed to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Dr. McQuade expressed his deep-seated concerns over the UK’s handling of asylum seekers, particularly those who are victims of modern slavery.

The catalyst for Dr. McQuade’s decision was the government’s refusal to exempt victims of modern slavery from the controversial “Rwanda scheme,” which aims to send asylum seekers to Rwanda. This decision struck a chord with Dr. McQuade, prompting him to take a principled stand against what he perceives as a violation of fundamental human rights.

In his letter, Dr. McQuade condemned the government’s stance on the Rwanda scheme, citing it as a betrayal of British values and a repudiation of centuries-old human rights traditions. He lamented the government’s disregard for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and accused it of prioritizing political expediency over moral integrity.

The decision to return his honorary OBE underscores Dr. McQuade’s unwavering commitment to the cause of human rights and his refusal to remain complicit in actions that undermine the dignity and welfare of vulnerable individuals. By relinquishing this honor, Dr. McQuade sends a powerful message to the British government and the international community: that the fight against modern slavery must not be compromised or sacrificed for political gain.

As Dr. McQuade’s letter reverberates across the globe, it serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of upholding human rights principles and safeguarding the dignity of all individuals, regardless of their circumstances. It is a call to action for governments and leaders to prioritize compassion, empathy, and justice in their policies and decision-making processes.

Ultimately, Dr. McQuade’s courageous act epitomizes the spirit of moral courage and ethical leadership, inspiring others to stand up for what is right and just in the face of adversity. It is a testament to the enduring power of conscience and the indomitable spirit of those who refuse to remain silent in the face of injustice.


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