American Rapper Ludacris Assumes Gabon Citizenship


Celebrated American rapper and Grammy awards winner Ludacris has attained Gabon’s citizenship. The artist whose real name is Christopher Brian Bridges could not hide his joy holding his passport on social media. Ludacris was born in the US but married a Gabonese. The wife, Eudoxie Mbouguiengue, also acquired this citizenship. This celeb now has dual citizenship and is so proud of that. He’s officially a Gabonese, a thing he always desired for. Recently, most African Americans have been on the move to return to the African continent. During the popular year of return in Ghana, more than 126 African Americans returned home. This is in pursuit of their ancestral roots. Everyone wants to belong and have a place to call home. American rapper Ludacris assumes Gabon citizenship at such a time when everyone wants to return home.

Love for Africa

Africa is an amazing continent that’s peaceful. Most Americans wish to leave the US and come to live here. It’s not different for Ludacris who ensured his whole family came with him. He posted a video on his Twitter handle together with his mum, wife and two girls. In the video, they held their passports confirming their Gabon’s citizenship. This is the best gift of the decade according to Ludacris. He feels confident that Africa is his home. However, Ludacris will still maintain his US citizenship. But of course, most of his time will be in Gabon. American rapper Ludacris assumes Gabon citizenship to live his dream of being an Africa. The 42-year-old loved Gabon ever since he got his wife from there. Though he’s an American, he’s proud that the ancestors left a legacy for the people. Speaking at Libreville, Ludacris informed his fans of how he is proud of his new decision.

A visit to Ghana during year of return

The new wave of Ghanaians from diaspora returning home did not leave Ludacris behind. He gladly joined them during the New Year’s Eve. Together with his fellow tourists, the rapper had a good time enjoying life in Ghana. He reminded the people about the importance of returning home after going away for so long. The year of return in Ghana was organized by the current president. He emphasized to the people how great it would be to trace their roots. And sure enough, they did. Now they are so happy to be reunited with their home country.

The Bottom Line

American rapper Ludacris assumes Gabon citizenship to live where he always wanted. The country on the west coast of Africa is the eighth largest producer of oil in Africa. He will, therefore, have a wonderful time living in its capital Libreville. He says that he has no plans to move back to the US. In so doing, Ludacris has led an example to his fellow celebrities to always return home. Nothing feels good than reuniting with your ancestral spirits. It’s worth noting that back in Africa there are opportunities the US doesn’t. So, when they return home, they will be in a position to grow their talents. Hence, they will lead happy lives.


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