American-Agriculture Company Launched in Zambia

American-agriculture company launched in Zambia

Corteva Agriscience is a US company that plans to back up Zambia’s farming. The American-Agriculture company launched in Zambia makes it the next innovative hub for agriculture. Also, it’s a major supplier of Pioneer and Pannar seeds as well as crop protection services and products. Zambia’s agriculture productivity is spread out in spite of the harsh climate changes that sometimes prevail. Other factors like technology innovations also account for agriculture dynamics. Therefore, American agriculture company launched in Zambia is a ground for improved farm productivity and food security.

The desire for seed technologies

Corteva Agriscience is committed to harnessing Zambian farming. It will first satisfy the farmers’ desire for seed technologies. Just after one month of being listed in New York Stock Exchange, Corteva announced its support for Zambia’s farming. Consequently, it was officially announced this week as the American-agriculture company launched in Zambia. This is a confirmation that the brand is ready to see agricultural growth in the country. This would mostly be by providing agricultural inputs like seeds, fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. These are the tools that farmers require in order to make bountiful harvests.

The company’s goal goes in line with the government’s efforts to ensure there is food security. This is especially in the Eastern and Southern parts of Africa. The farmers will also access information on conservation farming methods from the company. An MOU with the Conservation Farming Unit was signed in a bid to strengthen these plans.

The Zambian government has confirmed that an increase in food demand needs strategies that secure food for the people. Aware of this agenda, Corteva Agriscience will play a major role. First off, it will ensure that farmers produce adequate crops by allowing them to access farm inputs easily. As a result, food security will be assured to populations that increase daily thus increasing food demand. It will also link the consumers to markets in order for their products to fetch good money. On top of that, Corteva brand will ensure that food supply to all generations is a goal that is reached.

What the startup aims to do

This American company launched in Zambia is set to improve Zambia’s agriculture development goals. As a role in realizing Zambia’s potential, this company will do all it takes to back up farming. This is because when agriculture is developed, the whole populace is well taken care of. Drought and famine are a history. Furthermore, a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. Therefore, Corteva Agriscience will as well help the economic growth of Zambia. Agriculture is the backbone of Africa, thus it needs to be supported fully. Africans can only build their nations when they are assured agricultural productivity will rise. Big companies like Corteva Agriscience are doing a good job of making countries like Zambia realize their farming potential.


Innovation in agriculture results in increased productivity. Africa has made milestones in agriculture development and a good example is an American-agriculture company launched in Zambia. Corteva Agriscience is aimed at giving Zambia increased productivity in its agriculture. It will do this by supporting the farming activities of the people through the provision of farming materials like seeds and chemicals. Corteva brand is a true investment in the agricultural activities of Zambia.