Ambitious Ghanaian Entrepreneur Invented a Mobile Barbershop

Mr Emmanuel Kojojojo Ankomah from Accra is an innovative business guy who invented a mobile barbershop company called Shave Masters. He came up with this idea to serve the people who are busy and have no time to queue in the hairdressing kiosks to get grooming services. His resilience to see his very own idea come into life is very motivating. Emmanuel is a risk taker and an innovative mind as well.

What led to the birth of Shave Masters?

Mr Emmanuel says that it is through an unpleasant experience in the traffic that he thought of this idea. He saw the problem the busy people faced in accessing hair cuts in the busy Accra barbershops. So Emmanuel went home that day and discussed the idea with his wife. This was the beginning of the innovative business.

How do Shave Masters Operate the Business?

The company operates in an office at Hacho town in Accra. At first, Emmanuel started it in his living room in October 2017. He has now grown the business and employed three barbers and one marketing agent. The customers do not have to avail themselves to the barber kiosk physically. They only place a call, and the grooming executives can find them where they are. If the clients are at the office working, in their homes relaxing, or at the hotels, the services will find them just there.

One happy client is Kweku Ananae who says that he is relieved by the fact that every Saturday he can have a hair cut without necessarily stepping out of the house. This has saved him time and facilitated his relaxing time with his family.

This business faces competition as other businesses do. Emmanuel says that the established barbershops have their clientele who stick by them. It is hard to convince such a client to seek your services. Nevertheless, these challenges motivate him and his team all the more. The business has grown in leaps and bounds, and the future is only brighter. Shave Masters plan to expand to other parts of the continent to make the hairdressing service more natural and faster to access.



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