Africa’s Top Technology Advancements


Africa has realized major technological advancement in the recent past. All the sectors have been revolutionized as a result of breakthroughs in technology. As a result, things have been simplified to the extent of automation of most devices, gadgets, and machines.

In fact, gone were the days when all things used to be done manually. Today we have machines that have been invented. Such help you get things done quickly and efficiently. In this article, you get to learn about Africa’s top technological advancements. It’s worth noting that the people have embraced this well, resulting in very rapid growth in each one of them.

Drone technology

The commonly known role of the drones in fighting terrorists is being outdone by the many functions associated with them today. Drones have been at the forefront in helping Africa’s growth by their contribution in humanitarian aid, farming management, and logistics. Take an example of Rwanda that has Zipline drone technology. This is a startup aimed at offering delivery services of medical supplies and blood to various clinics in Rwanda. Similarly, South Africa’s Aerobotics company helps in surveying the birds so that farmers can better manage their crop yields.

Drones also come in handy while administering aid to disaster-stricken areas. Furthermore, they are used to control illicit mining activities and deforestation. This ensures that the environment is conserved to the maximum, in order to allow for sustainable development.

Mobile money services

Mobile money lets you make transactions without necessarily visiting the bank or having a bank account. This technology first emerged in South Africa and have seen fast-paced growth in both Kenya and Tanzania. In fact, Africa has recorded the highest number of mobile users worldwide. More than 222 million mobile money users were registered in the year 2015. This technology has led to economic growth since it allows the transfer of money among the populace. Apparently, it’s convenient for financially disadvantaged people across Africa. This is because they easily receive money from friends and family when an emergency call. Mobile money has as well facilitated businesses because transactions can be easily be made.

This technology has grown rapidly as a result of the cell phones emergence which has been on the rise in Africa. It is estimated that mobile users in Africa will hit 700 million in the coming years. This is so possible considering that mobile money is today 13 times more popular with banks in West Africa.

Agriculture-based Technology

Agriculture has been the backbone of Africa’s economy for the longest time ever. This sector has not been left behind in the emergence of new technologies. For instance, in Sudan, the farmers can now receive reports on their crop performance at the comfort of their mobile phones. This has emanated from the installation of satellite images that collect all the information about the crops. With such a technological breakthrough, Agriculture in Africa is deemed to move to a whole new level.

The newly developed tractors also play a major role in making farming quick and easy. Large scale farming is giving more produce to the continent as compared to when farming used to be done manually

Automobiles Business

Operating for 6 years in the continent now, Uber has received exemplary advancement in riding services. The low-cost and quick services have made the Uber business soar to great heights. Uber has also partnered with Ethiopia for the bus service launch. However, with Taxify its immediate competitor, things have not always been rosy. Do you know that Taxify has extended its services to more cities in Africa than Uber? Both companies have made commuting easy and fun. Getting things done in a timely manner has, therefore, become simpler.

To make it all better, Africa has produced its own vehicles. Kenya, in particular, has built the Mobius II, a vehicle believed to be modern, strong and designed for the Kenyan roads. On top of that, Innoson Motors in Nigeria have made a number of private cars that are already operating. Last but not least is the Kiira Motors in Uganda that has designed a solar-powered bus. This tells you that in Africa there are a good number of tech gurus who can invent just anything.

Construction of housing facilities

Opposite to the popular belief that most people in Africa reside in rural areas, rural-urban migration has increased. It’s actually believed that 50% of the population will be living in major cities and towns. However, the housing facilities are not adequate for such numbers of dwellers. It is also difficult for the government to put up housing structures for the citizens. In this regard, there has been a rise in the conversion of shipping containers into houses. This new technology is cheaper because it allows for affordable accommodation and residential places for those seeking to be in urban areas.

The emergence of mortgages companies has also been at the forefront ensuring that all the house seekers have a place to call home. This technology changes in housing, not forgetting real estate business is not to be overlooked.


Africa’s top technological advancements are just a window that paves a way to more innovations. More inventions are being made to, thus making Africa a hub for businesses. Technology is the way to go, and Africa has embraced this wholly.