Africa’s most influential AfroPop musicians today


Another common name for the sound AfroPop is Afrobeat. A name coined from Ghanaian British radio host Abrantee in the year 2011.

Soon artist began to vibe with the sound and related it to afrobeat movement. A movement late Fela pioneered in 1970

Fela’s Impact on AfroPop

Fela’s music functions to awaken Nigerians to the injustice and corruption in the government. However, the younger generation sees this as a medium to showcase Africa’s creativity, beauty, and style. Creating a sensational AfroPop movement in Africa.

New Genres in Africa’s Sounds

Furthermore, Africa’s popular music is vast and varied; some popular genres got their roots from Africa. The enslaved Africans in America learned them. Genres like blues, jazz, salsa, zouk, rumba, and Afrobeat.

New genres soon adapted these new sounds and beats; rock, rhythm, and blues. Africa’s popular music has been copied In the studios introduced in musical instrumentals using studio techniques.

Impact of Cuban Music

Cuban music had a massive impact on the development of Afrobeat. More so, It is Cuban music that created an initial template for Afropop. Starting in the 1940s to 1950s, the Cuban connection began very early and was to last at least twenty years. Gradually, musicians absorbed and re-Africanize it. Later, the Salsa dance came to Africa, and it led to a massive wave of Cuban music.

According to Lise Waxer: “African salsa points not so much to a return of salsa to African soil (Steward 1999: 157) but to a complex process of cultural appropriation between two regions of the so-called Third World.” Salsa caught many African countries, most notably in the Senegambia and Mali.

AfroPop Today


Today, AfroPop has taken different blends and additions. Flowing majorly from Nigeria and Ghana, Afrobeat has become a culture.

Music from artists such as Davido, BurnaBoy, WizKid, Tiwa Savage, Mr. Eazi, amongst many more. Africans have embraced this sound and vibed intensely to it. Hence, creating different electrifying dance moves to create harmony with the beat.

Besides, several African musicians got international recognition because of their versatility, unique sound, and talent.

Across Africa’s west, south, and east, we have a couple of great Artistes. They have made their names internationally through Afrobeat.

Oumou Sangare

Oumou Sangare Grammy Award-winning AfroPop musician

Amongst many, we have, Oumou Sangare. Oumou Sangare is a Grammy Award-winning Malian Wassoulou musician. Sometimes referred to as the Songbird of Wassoulou.

Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz performing on stage

Similarly, we have Tanzanian sweet boy, Diamond Platnumz, best known for his hit song, “number one.” He featured Nigeria’s Artiste Davido on that track. He is the best paid Tanzanian Artiste as his songs are number on different ringtones by telephone companies.

In addition, Diamond has a massive fanbase in Tanzania and across Africa. Besides, many believe he is the most loved and celebrated Tanzanian Artiste at the moment.


Wizkid performing on stage

Nigeria’s Starboy or as he is popularly known as WizKid. From being an artist signed under BankyW’s EME records to owning his own record label, Star boy records. WizKid had grown to become the rave of every African society.

He is a one time Grammy Awards nominee for a collaboration he did with Superstar Rapper, Drake. The name of the song is “One Dance,” and it became a global hit, topping many music charts.

Furthermore, Wizkid has had different international collaborations with artists like Chris brown, Akon, Tinie Tempah. Besides, he also gained recognition as an international supermodel, as he models alongside Naomi Campbell.


AfroPop singer Davido performing on stage

The list will seem sentimental if we exclude Omo Babaolowo, OBO, Baddest, Davido. Davido is an example of that Artiste that proves that even though he enjoys some privileges because of his father’s wealth, he got a lot of hustle in him.

Davido has successfully built a good life for himself. Having the company of his baby mamas and his kids as well as about getting married this year. Likewise, things seem to be in good condition for Davido as he has brought younger talent under his wings, transforming their lives and giving them a shot at greatness.



TuBaba is one of Nigeria and Africa’s most celebrated artist. Gaining influence in Africa for his most famous track, “African Queen.”

Tubaba is formerly known as Tuface successfully laid a bedrock of Africa’s sensation of a Man’s love for his mate.

Burna Boy

Burna Boy performing on stage

Generally accepted as the African Giant, Burna Boy is a Nigerian star that has taken his seat on the throne of Afropop lately.

Although, unapologetic in his actions, Burna Boy continues to release multiple hits in his songs and albums, making him the topic of every discussion and his songs, the soul of good music.

Femi Kuti


Femi Kuti, just like his father, Fela Kuti, is an Afropop musician who uses his music to fight against vices such as corruption, socioeconomic matters, and indecency.

Besides, many view his album, “Fight to Win,” as the most prominent Neo-Afrobeat of the 21st century.


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