Africa’s First Ladies: Sierra Leone’s President, First Lady Wed


Sierra Leone’s First Lady Weds

A First Lady is the wife of the male head of a country. Fatima Bio is the First Lady of Sierra Leone. Her husband’s name is Julius Maada Bio.

Their civil inter-faith wedding was in London in the year 2013, and they have one child who was born in London.

Organization Of African First Ladies For Development

Before OAFLAD came to existence, it was known as the Organization of African First Ladies Against HIV/AIDS(OAFLA).

This body advocated for solutions to curb the growth of the virus. They were also against stigmatization and discrimination of people infected.

During their 22nd General Assembly which they held in Addis Ababa. OAFLA was changed to OAFLAD. The change of its name also changed its objectives to be achieved in African countries.

OAFLAD advocates for health service laws and creates awareness of health risks. The First Ladies engage in community works and greatly empower the youth.

First Lady Youth Empowerment

Marking the World Thinking Day, Margaret Kenyatta, First Lady to Kenya, has ideal ideas on girls’ empowerment. She strongly advises parents to give girls an equal opportunity as boys to equip skills and confidence to the girl-gender.

Diversity creation is an essential factor since girls will be able to learn differences in each other and learn from one another.

First Ladies In The Continent Greatly emphasize charity And Equality In Africa

African countries frequently go through problems of equality and poverty. Recently, the First Lady in Namibia (Monica Geingos) wants to give all her wealth to charity after she dies.

In her charity works, she lends money to entrepreneurs to start and sustain their businesses. Monica gives grants to students, which helps them in their education.

The First Lady encourages equality in her country since it’s one of the countries which experience gender inequalities issues.

Dark Theme On African First Ladies

As much as the title First Lady is much praised, dark secrets are behind them. There is a case going on that involves the first lady.

Lipolelo, the ex-wife of Thabane, was killed in 2017. It is suspected that the first took part in the murder, Unfortunately, they have not even commented about the case, which leaves questions about the murder.

Mother, Protector, And Heart Of The Nation

In Zambia, we see a different kind of love and care of the First Lady towards her citizens. Some perps in the country are attacking innocent people in their homes. They are spraying dangerous gases to families in homes that harm them.


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