African Music Spotlight: JJ Gonami Puts Ghanaian Hip Hop on the Map


In the United States, hip hop has served many purposes since it’s inception. Having begun just as much a socio-political movement as a music genre, hip hop was a tool for young African-Americans to hoist themselves and their loved ones out of systematic oppression and poverty. It has since grown into a cultural phenomenon, one that began brewing in America, but has since extended its influence internationally.

JJ Gonami is a hip hop artist that has felt the pulse of this movement all the way from his home country of Ghana. He’s been operating in Ghana’s Volta region and is seeing his national (and international) fame rise as of late.

Gonami identifies strongly with his Ewe culture, and infuses rich Ghanaian roots into his music and performance style. Ghana is known for being one of the most religious countries in the world, where a staggering ninety-six percent of inhabitants refer to themselves as religious. Last month we wrote a piece on another Ghanaian artist, Azizaa, who uses her West African spirituality to guide her music.

Gonami released his first album, The Ewe Dictionary, in 2014, and is set to release his second album in the coming year, be sure to be on the lookout for that! All of us here will sure be!

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