African Countries to Benefit from the Annual Vision 2020 Ball by The Rescue Project

According to a study by UN in 2018, 2 billion people live in countries experiencing water stress. As of August 2019, it was reported that a whopping 1.8 billion people in 17 countries appear to be drifting towards a water crisis. This number represents a quarter of the world’s population. People living in the 17 countries stand chances of experiencing water shortages in the near future. This is why The Rescue Project, a subsidiary of Haven Hands Inc, came up with the Annual Vision 2020 Ball.

The Annual Vision 2020 Ball is a Vision 2020 campaign aiming to raise $20 million by the year 2020 to help over 200 million people around the world. The Rescue Project plans to use the money to give aid mainly to individuals living in areas experiencing scarcity of clean drinking water and sanitary living conditions.

12 out of the 17 countries which are at a high risk of facing water shortages in the next few years are in North Africa and the Middle East. Other African countries that stand high chances of experiencing severe water stress in the future are Eritrea and Botswana.

Major African cities like Accra in Ghana and Nairobi in Kenya are becoming densely populated because of the high rate of urbanization. They have therefore become victims of water crisis as well because of strain on their water resources.

The Rescue Project held its 3rd Annual Vision 2020 Ball on the 6th of November 2020 at 4 W 43rd Street, New York. According to the organization, areas with scarce water resources are at great risk of experiencing large epidemics of eye diseases causing visual impairments and blindness. This because chances are that these areas do not offer proper eye treatment. The Rescue Project, therefore, aims to treat those suffering from eye diseases until they gain access to clean water.

The Rescue Project is also raising awareness for education for women and children. The Vision 2020 Ball is targeting mainly Sub-Saharan Africa but also intends to extend a helping hand to Southern Asia, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Latin America and any other areas experiencing water crisis. The organization is currently focusing on Ghana and Haiti where they are making efforts to ensure there is clean water by installing wells, filtration systems, irrigation systems, and latrines.

Various philanthropists, celebrities, fashion insiders, media insiders among others graced the event. The event witnessed the awarding of Dr. Sireen Gopal with the Amazzzing Humans ‘Humanitarian Heart Award’ for his enormous acts of selflessness to help the needy.

The Rescue Project’s founder, Redeemer Resk ‘Que, has first-hand experience of what it’s like to live in an area with the scarcity of water since he grew up in such a place.

There are harsh statistics on the number of deaths caused by the shortage of water in African countries. These places will greatly benefit from the Vision 2020 Ball campaign.

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