Africa Football Stars Help Liverpool to Premium League History


Liverpool will be awarded Premier League title of the season after three years of waiting. The team has kept in the top position in the league. And consistency in performance made them carry the day. The win came after Chelsea win over Manchester city on Thursday evening. The 2019/2020 premier league season is still going on but the score points between them and number two in the table, Man City, is unbeatable.

Liverpool Early Win

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp led them team in celebration through the Thursday night. The victory which came even without playing. The match they played with Crystal Palace with amazing outcome (4:0) making them winners early ahead of everyone.

As a fanatical fan of the Reds my love for the game is when I see the African quartet playing at super star levels in the team. Liverpool would have not won the league without Sadio Mane star player from Senegal, Mohammed Salah from Egypt. Joel Matip form Cameroon and Naby Keita from Guinea. These African players are all five –star players and they role in winning the league was absolutely phenomenal.

CAF Congratulates African quartets

The Confederation of African Football, CAF mentioned the contribution of the Anfield’s African players in the winning. The CAF described the players as Kings: Making Africa Proud.

During the season, Mane and Salah were together top scorers of last season games. Alongside Gabon’s Pierre Aubameyang playing for Arsenal. On the records, Liverpool takes the new position of winning the premier league after top legends, Manchester United and City. Chelsea, Arsenal, Leicester and Blackburn Rovers.

The Crown of Championship

The team is having their next match with Manchester City scheduled on July 2nd. This is the day the new champions will receive their guard of honor for coming at top position of the league this season.

Congratulations Liverpool!!



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