Africa Countries Promote Agriculture for a Bright Tomorrow


Agriculture plays a vital role in most Africa countries. Although most African countries practice small scale farming, the agricultural sector contributes extensively to the economic growth and survival of these countries. Agriculture employs a vast amount of the African workforce either directly or indirectly. It contributes about 60% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  Africa promote agriculture and about 65% of people who practice agricultural production do it for subsistence use. Agriculture proves a big portion of Africa’s foreign exchange and is thus a major contributor to the African economy.

Agricultural production in Africa has been and is still increasing steadily from over the years. This tremendous rise in the agricultural sector in Africa has been accomplished by increasing the land that is put in place for the purpose of agricultural production. Larger population has been employed to work in the agricultural sector to ensure the success of agricultural production. African farming is very dependent on family as a source of labor which is a very limiting factor. Most African counties are now adopting the use of modern technology in their practices to maximize production and to avoid time wastage as in the use of annual labor.

Technology and Great Farming Practices as the Way Out

Africa is adopting new technologies in agriculture to promote development. New technologies used in the agricultural field. For example, the use of certified seeds has made in possible to increase the germination percentage. This increases the total output thus increasing the national income.

Farmers in Africa are now making use of farming practices that are friendly to the ecosystem to promote environmental conservation for a better tomorrow, not only does ecosystem farming sustain the environment but it also reduces the extra costs incurred in the production processes. Agricultural production in Africa is no longer centered on high yields but rather on conserving the ecosystem for better production in the future. Agricultural policies have been set up by ECOWAP and CAADP to ensure that sustainable ecosystem friendly agriculture is in practice.

Research Potentials aiming to Promote Agriculture

Ecosystem Based Farm Management Practices (EBFMPs) such as mulching, vegetation conservation, crop rotation, use of efficient drainage systems. The use of compost manures to keep a balance in the agricultural and maintain agricultural ecosystems. Best agricultural production is essential for food security, good nutrition, creation of more employment opportunities and community resilience.

Africa has great potential in the agricultural sector, a lot of research is out by various organizations on ways to tap this potential and make it a reality in order to maximize this gold mine. Various developments are working in place. Example is setting up of irrigation schemes in the sub-Saharan region that covers arid and semi-arid lands to promote agriculture in these areas for a better tomorrow.

Various measures are in place to promote better agricultural production for the future. These measures have goals attached to them. The goals aim to increase food production to curb food insecurity hence making food not only available, but also be available at affordable prices. Another goal is to have dynamic agricultural markets among nations and between regions hence make Africa a major exporter of agricultural produce. Africa has come up with strategies to improve infrastructure so as to improve the agricultural sector. More importantly it has taken up better marketing strategies to promote the sale of its products in the global market.

Africa’s political stability in Promoting Agriculture

Political instability has been a major hazard in the agricultural production of African countries. Africa is now working tremendously to overcome political issues which slow down the rate of economic growth. Poor political climate in most African countries make it almost impossible to invest in the agricultural sector in Africa because of the uncertainty. Other than poor governance, Africa faces a major problem in terms of lack of advanced technology. To improve on the agricultural sector. The Africa governments is applying new technologies to make agricultural practices easier, faster, effective and above all more efficient.

To improve agriculture for a better tomorrow in Africa a lot needs to improve. Agriculture as the back bone of the African economy needs to be well maintained and improved yet. This will ensure that it is able to sustain the African population now and also in the future. There is need for advancement in technology, an improved infrastructure, enforcement of agro based ecosystem policies. And lastly, creating a politically stable environment with better governance systems that welcomes investors who want to invest in Africa thus promoting agriculture in Africa.


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