Africa And Its Bountiful Wonders Of Nature

Nature in Africa
Nature in Africa

Africa, the second largest continent in the world, is well known for it nature and geographical structure. It is an exquisite tourist destination due to its variety of features not to mention its wildlife. The African continent is comprised of 53 states with not very distinct territories. The largest state in this continent is Sudan. It has the most wonders of the world thus making it the most sought tourist destination in the world.

Wonderful Nature of Africa

Africa is not only the second largest continent. It is also the second largest in terms of population and it accounts for 12% of the world’s population. The length and breadth of Africa is about 4660 from east to west and north to south. Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa with a population of over 120 million people. Seychelles has the least amount of people in Africa, its population is about 80,000.  The continent has many ethnic groups, 3000 which are known officially and over 370 recognize tribes. The most spoken language in Africa is Arabic but there are over 2000 other languages with different dialects.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and is 19,340 feet high to its peak. The largest lake in Africa is Lake Victoria covering an area of 26,560 square miles. Lake Victoria covers 3 countries in Africa, these are, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Africa has one of the most graphic waterfalls in the world. The Victoria falls, the waterfall is about mile wide and falls to a height of 355 feet. The equator divides the continent into two equal parts running from west to east Africa. The equator passes through different African countries including Congo, Uganda, Kenya and Somalia covering a distance of 2500 miles.

Others basic facts about Africa 

  • The longest river in the world is in Africa, river Nile which covers 4,150 miles and drains into the Indian Ocean. The river passes through Egypt, Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia.
  • Sahara Desert found in North Africa is the largest in the world. The desert covers around 3.5 million square miles.


Africa has the best landscapes and wildlife in the world. It has diverse cultures that are very unique. The African people are very friendly and welcoming. The continent is the home of various wonders of the world. Africa has plenty of fun and interesting facts. Most of the interesting facts that attract tourists are based on the nature of the African continent.

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