Abuja, Lagos and Ogun States Under Lockdown Amid the Recovery of Some Patients

Abuja, Lagos and Ogun States Under Lockdown Amid the Recovery of Some Patients

Nigeria Capital City under Lockdown

The rapid spread of the Coronavirus in Nigeria, the president has no option but to call for lockdown in the major targeted states. According to the latest news, Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigeria President addressed the nation on social as well as economic intervention, containment efforts and the way forward during the fight against Covid-19.

The president imposed the lockdown policy on Federal Capital Territory together with Osun and Lagos states. He orders the states to follow the plan to the latter as from Monday 30th March 11 pm. The lockdown is to take place for fourteen days. Besides, he bans movements across the states as a strategy to minimize the spread of the deadly Corona virus. He says the restrictions apply to Ogun State as it connects to Lagos much.

Some patients recover from Covid-19

On 28th March, Nigeria records a total of ninety-seven confirmed Coronavirus cases with half of them from Lagos. Fortunately, three of the isolated patients have recovered from the virus and discharged. So far, Nigeria has recorded only one death case as a result of the infection. The health board in charge of the outbreak in Nigeria (NCDC) is working day and night to ensure many people recover.

Consequently, Nigeria Center for Disease Control has expanded the number of labs to test for Covid-19, including the Virology Laboratory of University College Hospital in Ibadan. The NCDC Director-General Chikwe Ihekweazu says tomorrow they will be in Abakaliki to set up another lab. Indeed the general is determined to ensure they reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

Nigeria strategy to curb the spread 

All of Nigeria citizens who reside in Ogun, Lagos as well as Abuja are to stay in their homes. Travelling from one state to another is prohibited to minimize the spread of the Covid-19. Furthermore, all offices, as well as businesses within these locations, are to be closed during the two weeks. The Lagos and Ogun state governor is aware of the restrictions. The minister of Federal Capital Territory also notified about the need to impose the limits. Besides, the president also briefed the head of intelligence and safekeeping agencies in the same case.

The primary agenda for lockdown is to trace, identify and isolate persons who have tested positive, together with the exposed. The president recommends all the citizens to remain calm, as the federal government is working to its fullest to ensure those infected undergo the necessary treatment while minimizing further spread to other states. He adds that the order does not affect the hospitals, related medical establishments or healthcare organizations.


According to the reporters, Nigeria received a receipt of medical supplies donated by a Chinese businessman and a CEO of Ali Baba, Jack Ma. The donations are said to have reached the country on 24th March, and they include twenty thousand testing kits, a thousand medical use protective suits, hundred thousand masks as well as face shields.



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