A Political Crisis In Guinea Bissau

A Political Crisis In Guinea Bissau
A Political Crisis In Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau is a country in West Africa that has a population of about 1.6 million people. It was once a part of the Mali Empire. Guinea Bissau was declared and recognized as an independent country in the year 1974.

Since its independence, the country has been experiencing problems of political crisis and instability. José Mário Vaz is the only president who was elected and completed a five year term successfully.

The region has a variety of religions such as Muslim, Christianity, and Animists. Guinea Bissau is recognized as one of the world’s poorest nation with its Gross Domestic Product recording the lowest.

Political State Of Guinea Bissau

The multiparty practiced was absent in the country until 1991. The prime minister is the head of government whereas the presidents rules the state.

Recently in December 2019, elections were held but there are allegations of fraud by the Commission and it has created quite an unstable state in the country right now.

The country has two main political parties which are Party for Social Renewal and African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde. In 2018 the country signed a United Nations treaty on Ban of the Nuclear weapons.

Guinea Bissau Attempted Coups And Assassinations 

For a while, Guinea Bissau has experienced several attempted coups. On March 2nd, 2009 president Viera was murdered by suspected soldiers.

In 2011 there was an attempted coup. General Antonio Indjai, the Army chief of staff, was arrested on commands from Jose Americo Bubo Na Tchuto and his troops released him later on.

In 2012 the situation got way out of hand since the military forcefully took over and controlled the capital. A week or so later, the military leaders together with the political parties declared the formation of the Transitional National Council due to the foreign pressure.

Current Situation In Guinea Bissau And What is Going On

The situation currently in Guinea Bissau is quite threatening. Cipriano Cassama, a speaker in parliament, has been threatened following his selection by lawmakers as the president. This action happened despite Umaro Embalo having been sworn in as the president already.

The whole crisis comes up after the December elections were held. The ruling party did not accept Embalo as the legitimate winner since the elections were tampered with.

This permitted them to use the parliamentary majority to put in Cassama as the president. However, this blessing came in with a curse since Cipriano’s life is in danger and has decided that he will resign. Cassama told the reporters,

“I have no security. My life is in danger, the life of my family is in danger, the life of these people is in danger. I cannot accept that, that is why I took this decision,”

The ministries of Finance, Fisheries and Justice are closed down and heavily guarded. Aristides Gomes also complains about military officers attacking his home and forcing him to step down in power.



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