A 12-year-old Coder Builds a Laundry-folding Robot

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of doing things. Today, AI has led to the innovation of technology devices that help make work easier. However, building robotic devices requires you to have coding skills and excellent mastery of robotic designs. Among the most difficult tasks is folding clothes after washing them. After watching this hard task at her home, Fathia Abdullahi decided to build a robot that would fold the clothes in matters of seconds. She did this alongside her peer, who built a robot that detects things and moves them from one place to another.

This genius techie has learned to code for 2 years in Port Harcourt at a Nigerian Code Cafe. Barely is she through with her learning when she has used the already acquired coding skills to develop a t-shirt folder. Fathia Abdullahi learns coding skills at Ugochukwu Okocha’s cafe where 1,000 Nigerian youths have attained the coding skills. She always witnessed the hard job they did at home on Saturdays and Sundays. They would use a lot of time folding clothes.

As a result, the young coder invented a laundry-folding robot that makes the work of folding clothes easier. The 12-year-old innovative girl said that she thought of this idea after seeing how her family struggles with laundry. ”because that’s the problem we face at home.” she said, ”we wash clothes and there would be a lot of t-shirts to fold.”Now the folding that used to be done for hours, can be done in seconds.

The robotic t-shirt folder is programmed to identify t-shirts placed on it and fold them. When you place the t-shirt in the middle of the surface of this folder, the grey beams on each side fold it. This is just a prototype but it does the folding perfectly. The EV3 brick that she uses is a programmable circuit which is the heart of LEGO’s Mindstorms education robots, (robots that kids can build and program to perform basic tasks).

The young girl’s love for technology is immense and will be the source of future innovations. She says she wants to be a food scientist when she grows up. She will then use her robotic skills to invent other devices. ”When I grow up, I will love to be a food scientist, and I will be able to use this coding skills to build so many things that would help me,” she told Reuters.

After cleaning and ironing, it’s tedious folding the clothes. Fathia Abdullahi who is among the 1,500 Nigerian kids in the coding school hopes to develop her idea by making t-shirt folders robots for the local market. She plans to retail them so that people can save themselves the hassle of folding clothes manually. What she made is just a robot prototype. The young girl claims that she used pins, beams, and EV3 brick to make the robot. The laundry-folding robot will fold your clothes in just three seconds. The head of the coding school in Nigeria where this smart kid studies, says that he teaches kids on technology so that they can make the society a better place by inventing machines that make work easier.


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