Father Abandons an 8-Month-Old Baby who Tested Positive

8-month-old baby who tested positive for Covid-19

The father abandons an 8-month-old baby who tested positive for Covid-19. The Coronavirus brings out the ego-centric nature of some, as everyone fights to survive. No one could have prepared us for such perilous times as these. Old and young alike, rich and poor, illiterate and literate, the virus has leveled them all. No special treatment nor going abroad for better medical assistance. Life is a lesson, reminding those in power to invest in what is important; the lives of their people and to adequately stock up hospitals for times like these. Governments closed their borders all over the world, no escape, rather, everyone is challenged to face the music on-end.

The Ministry of Health on Wednesday 25 March reported five new cases of coronavirus in Uganda totaling 14. Entebbe Hospital admitted the first nine confirmed patients and they are all in a stable state. The infected Ugandans were in the UAE from Dubai. Primary Health Minister of State Joyce Moriku Kaducu said on Monday that two out of five reports are Chinese and the others are Ugandans.

So far, the nation has 12 Ugandans and two Chinese who have tested positive for the virus. This also includes an 8-month-old baby who tested positive for Covid-19. The father abandoned the baby and hid from the police. He left home and never returned.

The 8-month-old baby who tested positive for Covid-19 is from Iganga District, Eastern Uganda. Recently, the father traveled from Kisumu, Kenya. On learning that his child was infected, he ran as fast as his legs could carry him. The police suspect the father to be hiding around Kampala suburbs. The police are hunting him down. They requested anyone who identifies him to report immediately to the precinct.

The 8-month-old baby who tested positive for Covid-19 had flu and a high fever. Iganga hospitalized the baby. The father of the abandoned 8-month-old-baby is Ivan Kavuma. Since he deserted his child, he is now on the wanted-listed of the police.

Life Hardens for Ugandans

The President of Uganda has banned all public transport means. This means all citizens are to exercise their legs to their different destinations for 14 days. He also banned the opening of shops that sell non-food items. This has left many Ugandans in a state of need and demand.

Meanwhile, 70% of Ugandans are living below the poverty line and cannot afford hand sanitizers and medical masks to prevent the spread of the infamous Covid-19.  As creative as they are, many young Ugandan entrepreneurs have turned the epidemic into a money-making period by selling sewed up cloth masks. These masks are made-up of the popularly known African cloth material called “The Kitenge”. Each cloth mask costs Shs1000 ($0.27), which every average Ugandan can afford.

Cloth Masks made out of kitenge material

“Dear Ugandans, this is a very critical moment for everyone as the number of positive cases keeps scaling up. Five more people have been confirmed positive, including two of the six Chinese that were got in Zombo. They cannot be presented in court for fear of further spread,” tweeted Dr Kaducu.

To date, there has been a total of 2.661 travelers, including Ugandans. The government is monitoring 1.230 others, while 764 are under institutional quarantine and 466 in self-isolation. At least 1,431 travelers who performed 14 days of follow-up have been classified as high-risk. 

The New Covid-19 Cases in Uganda

Among the five new cases is a sixty-three-year-old Ugandan, who has recently moved from Germany. He is a native and resident of Najjanakumbi, Kampala. He had a heavy fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

The third victim is a fifty-seven-year-old businessman and Adjumani District resident from northern Uganda who has never traveled from Uganda. He has also never been in contact with anyone who has traveled abroad. A hospital in Adjumani admitted him. Across Elegu’s border of South Sudan, he operates his salt trade business.

Dr. Henry Mwebesa, Health Services Director General, told journalists in Kampala on Wednesday, “The Adjumani resident had no traveling history or interaction with anyone outside the nation.”

He said there was a positive test for two Chinese who came from China and were under quarantine in Uganda. They’re part of the six who were apprehended while crossing to DRC via Zombo District and taken back to quarantine. The other four tested negative.

Dr. Mwebesa acknowledged that since the epidemic was announced, the Ministry’s call center was overloaded by several telephone calls from suspicious patients. 

The father abandons an 8-month-old baby who tested positive for Covid-19.

“The number of call center employees has risen from 20 to 100 and will operate three shifts a day. The calling center operates 24 hours a day, and we encourage the public to contact the Ministry free of charge,” says Dr. Mwebesa. “We would like to reaffirm the invitation to contact the Ministry of Health on 0800-100-066, 0800-203-033 or 0800-303-033 to support our monitoring teams,” he said.

“Medical experts have so far screened sixty travelers at the Mulago NSH. We also encourage everyone who has traveled the last two weeks from Dubai to come to Ward 2A at the Mulago National Specialized Hospital of New Mulago for assessment,” says Dr. Mwebesa.



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