7 Fashion Brands Out of Africa


Fashion lovers are on the lookout for creative designs from popular fashion brands in Africa. Many fashionistas look for brands that meet their needs in matters of sophistication and elegance. This article discusses some of the major fashion brands in Africa that you should consider.

Maxhosa by Laduma

This brand is the work of Laduma Ngxokolo, a creative South African designer. He integrates bead-work, African patterns, symbolism and rich colors in his work. This particular brand has received praise from fashion idols in Paris, London, Milan, New York, Berlin, Amsterdam, Oslo, and Johannesburg. Besides, it is doing great in Japan, where the products are selling well. The designs were once displayed at COOPER HEWITT SMITHSONIAN DESIGN MUSEUM in New York. As a result, renowned star Beyonce took to social media, citing how much she desired the designs.

This is the first brand to receive such recognition worldwide. Consequently, the mind behind it, Laduma is always on the move to make it better. He’s currently at Paris presenting his work at a POP UP installation store called MERCHANTS AIME PARIS headed by Hanneli Rupert. As creative as Lamud is, he partnered with CHIVAS REGAL to design their latest edition of 18-year-old whiskey packaging.

Le Dessein

This brand was the idea of Eric Coley, a Senegalese fashion designer. He inherited fashion fascination at a young age from his mother. Despite his obsession with elegant designs, his mother insisted that he needed to get his education first. In regard to this, Eric blended his investment banking career with Le Dessein fashions. Its vision was “fashion as opportunity”. So, it focused on designing beautiful outfits for women in poverty. This would motivate them to use education and skills to rise up. Thus, Le Dessein donates 25% of its profits to Liberia and other developing countries, to serve as tuition fee for the girls.


This brand was the work of Sakina M’sa’s. She studied fashion design in Marseilles at Institut Superieur de Mode. Here she learned how to design her fashion products from fine Kerring’s brands, for instant Saint Laurent and Gucci. Therefore, Sakina’s brilliant ideas on fashion helped her win in Kering’s Foundation’s Social Entrepreneur Award. Currently, in Paris, this brand imparts skills and knowledge to less fortunate women. Besides, it secures them with jobs for better living conditions.

Lisa Folawiyo

This Nigerian brand focuses on West African art, Ankara in order come up with fashion products. Without any formal training, Lisa Folawiyo developed this brand that screams awesomeness. Consequently, it won the attention of major publications like the New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, BBC, MTV, and Eluxe. Similarly, celebrities like Solange Knowles, Lucy Liu, and Thandie Newton embrace the fashion products it makes. Evidently, this is a brand that is rising quite fast.

Kipato Unbranded

It’s named so since its main goal was to make everyday jewelry for everyday people. Kipato Unbranded dates back to 2015 when there was a need for such a social initiative to help the locals. As a result, it provided them with tools and access to better markets to access huge profits. This brand is eco-friendly due to its use of naturally occurring raw materials for their products. They include brass, recycled bones, and beads to enhance the aesthetic value of the designs.


This is a Nigerian fashion brand started in 2010 by Gbemmy Johnson. It makes unique fashions and accessories like watches, purses, clutches, card holders, belts, and slippers. To give back to the community, this brand uses the local artisans who can’t afford to set up a workshop. In return, the artisans are remunerated from the profits the variety of designs fetch.

Sophie Zinga

This is a Senegalese brand, a collection of Sophie Nzinga, a creative artistic fashionista. She mastered the art at the famous Parsons School. She’s constantly nurturing her talent from her adventurous nature, ranging from her African roots and New York education. Her design is known and loved by women, whether they are attending meetings, parties or traveling the world. Sophie Zinga is presently designing her Spring Summer 2015 edition, to present at the Palazzo Morando’s Milan Fashion Week. She’s also set for S/S 15 collection in Dubai at Fashion Week Middle East. Finally, we can gladly say that Sophie works tirelessly to build her brand.

Fashion brands out of Africa are amazing joints to grab your favorite fashions. Look out for the discussed above to enjoy your wardrobe.


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