5G: Antichrist Behind Coronavirus Pandemic


Is the antichrist behind coronavirus pandemic? Coronavirus is not a problem. Is it even a contagious disease? Symptoms of an infection are what we are seeing. What we don’t know about is what is causing those symptoms. This has nothing to do with biological wars or something you maybe finding out about on the internet.

Those are lies spread to keep us from reality. What you see is an individual’s body responding to what is known as radiofrequency radiations. That sounds unusual. Although, you should know logically what’s going on, and afterward, it will be explained to you relevantly why it is going on.

Is antichrist involved with the virus spread

I was the leader of the most significant business unit worldwide at Vodafone Telecommunications Headquarters at Newbury England during 2013 – 2015. I knew of some of the new advancements that were actualized.

Specifically, these were the internet of things and the 5G innovation. I knew that 5G was harmful, yet didn’t comprehend the relationship with the Coronavirus, which I presently do.

What’s going on now is that there is a purposeful procedure to introduce the 5G Network. It is the fifth era web radio range frequencies that empower cell phones, advanced mobile phones, and all gadgets to work a lot quicker.

Furthermore, with the presentation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the web of things where all gadgets will be associated, regardless of whether it is your vehicle, telephones, cooler, power, and so forth, your home is going to be on the brilliant Network. This is a successful kind of Network.

Harmful Network that is 5G

So what’s going on is that this innovation must be rolled out worldwide. The organization I used to work for is Vodafone. It is in partnership with a Chinese Telecommunications organization, Huawei.

They have been revealing a precise execution of the 5G Network in numerous areas around the globe. What is the significance of this 5G recurrence they are utilizing? likewise, I ran my own media communications organization that specialized in radio frequency with this capacity to take peripheral signs from satellites into buildings.

At the point when versatile systems were made at first, they figured individuals would utilize it just when they are out and about.

The network that causes the novel COVID-19

That is the reason they were called cell phones. However, individuals use their cell phones inside their homes, where the signs were not sufficiently able to enter the buildings. This is called the radio range. There are distinctive megahertz frequencies, and the 5G recurrence is exceptionally high. It is merely underneath the order of a weapon. Also, I will reveal to you why.

The 5G frequency is more times quicker than the 4G. Tragically when the 5G comes into contact with the human body, it harms cells. So our bodies attempt to battle the radiation that is brought about by this 5G frequency radiation.

Accordingly, our bodies discharge the poisons with DNA, and RNA from our phones as a concoction, which is classified as “infection.” Most sicknesses are discharged from cells that we are trying to push out of our bodies, and they will exit through the openings of the body.

5G reacts to the human body by harming our cells

Presently what’s going on is that the 5G frequency and force is responding with human cells in our bodies by harming them. Also, our barrier component, the human body, is pushing out that poison, which turns out as an infection.

So what you are seeing happening to individuals around the world isn’t any Coronavirus. It is cell harming brought about by 5G frequencies.

This is the cause of the pandemic. The Coronavirus scam is the most significant scam ever. In truth, what the world is encountering now is the effect on people brought about by technology. This is what is killing mankind.




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