5 Online Jobs in Kenya that Pay through M-Pesa

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Online jobs in Kenya is no longer a trending issue. Many firms and companies that are progressive are now turning to embrace online working by allowing their workers to do it from their home. For you to work effectively online, you require a laptop, an internet, personal time management skills, and active Mpesa accounts for payments.

One of the significant benefits of working online is that one can save a lot of time that otherwise would spend while commuting to a workplace. In cities like Nairobi, this is a significant concern, mainly due to traffic that can last up to two hours. Another good thing is you are free from the eight to five work schedule. You are then able to decide when to work and how.  Here is the list of some of the best proven online jobs which are payable through mesa in Kenya.

1. Online Blogging or Article Writing

Article writing and academic research freelancing are two different fields. Articles are written mainly for large audiences like magazines, journals, newspapers, and websites. There is an increasing demand for written information in the search engines. This has led to website owners preferring to outsource some written works so that they can meet the demand. Some of these search engines are Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

Some of the best-known article writing accounts are freelancer.com, scripted, fiverr.com, text broker, among others.

2. Paid Online Surveys

This is answering questions. All you need is your phone and some websites like opinion space and the like of a paid viewpoint. A lot of time is required and of course, the internet.

However, it’s one of the most inadequate paying internet jobs.  It would help if you took lots of surveys for you to reach to get a minimum withdrawal balance.

3. Online Research jobs

 This is another exciting work you can do in Kenya. The payments range from one employer to another. You can get one thousand per page if the quality proper to two hundred and fifty per page. The higher the speed you have, the better for you.

4. Web and graphic design

With the new technologies and digital era of today, many companies are learning to value their online presence. The people who are good at designing the website, and graphics, are easily outsourced by significant companies like airtel and Safaricom. The experts have high chances of earning a lot from the variety of gigs that pay high.

5. Online marketing influencer

This is making sales online on social media and the website. The influencers must have a massive following on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Some of the companies that need such services are the likes of Jumia and bonfires. Affiliating marketing is related to this, and it works best for website owners.

Most of these jobs for Kenyans are usually in countries abroad. Most companies mostly pay via PayPal. But with just a click, you transfer your funds to the mpesa account very quickly.

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