5 Movies to Watch During Coronavirus Lock-downs


In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, which has forced millions all over the world into mandatory quarantine, the question is how best to pass the time indoors without giving in to anxiety or depression. Movies are not only a great escape from reality but also a great source of hope and inspiration during tough times. Here are some of the latest top picks that will have you at the edge of your seat.

I Still Believe

You will grab your tissues for this heart-breaking movie. This latest 2020 release is an American, Christian, romantic, drama movie based on a true story. The film is starred by KJ Apa as Jeremy Camp, and Britt Robertson as his wife Melissa Lynn Henning. It is a true reflection of love, hope, and faith. This movie is a true reflection of the life of the music singer-songwriter Jeremy Camp and his wife, Melissa Camp, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer just before they got married.

The couple will take you through the motions of love, faith, and loss. This phenomenal couple will take you on a journey through your biggest life fears and disappointments and will give you a lesson on why you should keep believing no matter the hurdles. Will true love stand the test of time? For the hopeless romantics, this is the movie for you. Coronavirus may not be as fatal as cancer, but it’s causing losses and anxiety. People need hope now more than ever.

Bad Boys for Life

This action, comedy, American latest release movie is sure to leave you exhilarated. Starred by Will Smith as Mike Lowrey, and Martin Laurence as Marcus Burnett, the action-filled film tells the story of a vengeful widow and son of a Mexican drug lord. The son is on a quest to kill the people responsible for the drug lord’s arrest and eventual death in prison. The widow, Isabelle wants Mike Lowrey, a Miami detective dead. She sends her son to carry out the mission. Mike is shot but team up with Partner Marcus after recovering. Together, this dynamic duo sets out to take down the cartel that threatens their lives. This movie will leave you begging for more.


This latest 2020 American, action, superhero movie will have you glued to your screen. Vin Diesel stars in this movie as Ray Garrison, a soldier who is brought back to life as a superhero after being killed while in action. The company responsible, Rising Spirit Tech, has control over his mind and memories and intends to use him as a weapon. With an army of nanotechnology in his veins, he can heal instantly and is a strong, unstoppable force. After experiencing flashbacks, Ray escapes from the Rising Spirit’s Laboratory in a bid to seek revenge for his wife. He believes the corporation is responsible for her death. Will he be able to tell apart reality from delusion? This movie is sure to take you on a fun-filled, action-packed adventure.

Secret Obsession

For the thrill, suspense lovers, this is the movie for you. This 2019, American, psychological thriller tells the story of Jennifer (Brenda Song), who wakes up in a hospital with amnesia after he was hit by a car while fleeing from an unknown pursuer. Her doting husband Russell (Mike Vogel) takes good care of her, but her growing suspicion and recurring flashbacks make her question who he really is. The reality is far more horrific than she imagined. Brace yourselves because this nerve-wracking movie is not going to disappoint.

Long Shot

Looking for a good laugh? This hilarious 2019 romantic comedy will give you just that. Directed by Jonathan Levine, The movie features a gifted and free-spirited journalist, Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen), whose path crosses again with his former babysitter, Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron) who is now the Secretary of State. Charlotte hires Fred to write her speeches after he quits his job. The two get to spend a lot of time together, which soon blossoms into a relationship. However, most people are against this relationship since Charlotte is in the race to become president. Will the two get their happily ever after?


Spare yourself the negativity and anxiety triggers during the Coronavirus pandemic. Catch a movie with your loved ones, or when you’re alone and hope that this situation will be better soon.

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