5 Coronavirus Work From Home Tips

Work from home
Work From Home

Coronavirus is pushing the world to its limits. In just a few months, thousands of people have died, companies have closed, and economies are crumbling. It doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon, and those who haven’t been laid off yet are forced to work from home. You may have worked from home for a few days, but working from home during this period seems a little bit different. It is indefinite, and it’s filled with a lot of uncertainties about how and when this pandemic will end. You can’t work for a few hours without getting notifications about the latest news about the trends of the Coronavirus. However, some people are essential employees in their respective companies, and they have to work from home. So how can you make sure you are productive during this crisis, keep reading for some practical tips.

Prepare like you do when going to work

You may not realize it, but having a shower, changing clothes, applying some makeup, makes a big difference in making you more productive. You may choose to wake up and go straight to your desk and start working, but this makes you slower and less productive. Creating a great public image gives you some confidence and makes you feel good about yourself. Also, getting dressed will create a good impression when your employers ask for video meetings. You will likely be having several company meetings through video calls.

Separate your workspace from the rest of the house

One of the significant threats to productivity is never disengaging from your work at all. Going to work every morning, and coming back in the evening creates a physical separation. When working from home, it might be complicated. You can create a separate room in your house, set aside a table, a chair, and organize it like your office desk. If you live in a small apartment, you can designate a corner in the house where you will work from. Settling at your desk every morning signals to your brain that it’s time to work. When you’re done, put away every work-related material. If you’re using a computer, close all work-related tabs. This gives your mind the time and environment to unwind and prepare you for the next day.

Maintain the schedule you had at work

To effectively work from home, you need a lot of discipline. For starters, set specific work hours where you avoid doing any activities that aren’t related to your work. You may also be tempted to extend your working hours at night, but this makes you less productive the next day. You need to know when it’s time to work, and when it’s time to rest. If you live with other people, spouses, family members, roommates, you need to let them know when you’re working. Also, minimize any distractions during this time. However, don’t isolate yourself completely; this is the time also to maintain connections with your loved ones. Set time aside for them too.

Also remember that every time you commute, your mind prepares you for work. And as you commute back, it prepares for the home chores you do as you unwind your day. If you listen to music when going to work, do that at home. If you work out before going to work, do the same when working from home. Whichever routine you follow before working, make sure you follow the same as you work from home. The transition from work in the evening is essential too. Don’t jump from work to preparing dinner. Form a habit that tells your mind that the workday is over.

Avoid Negative News and Misinformation

For the first time in a long time, a disease is trending in all blogs, YouTube, Websites, and Social Media. Watching the Covid-19 updates is not a bad thing but avoid being carried away. No one knows when this pandemic will end, but several speculations may cause more anxieties and take too much time that you should spend working. Designate a specific time to check the updates, spend a few minutes, and get back to work.

Communicate and Socialize

Humans are social beings. During this lock-down, it’s essential to maintain regular communication with supervisors about your work. Also, maintain contact with fellow workers. There are work problems that only fellow workers can solve. Take advantage of Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Facetime. Not just coworkers, talk to your family members, and friends. Check in with them and talk about things, you both love. Avoid discussing negative stuff; there’s a lot of that going on already. Make plans for the post-pandemic, talk about favorite books, favorite shows, and other happy stuff.

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