5 Best Online Chemists in Kenya you can Access Anytime

Online chemists in Kenya
Online chemists in Kenya

There are lots of websites that operate as chemists and pharmacies in Kenya.  Just with a click of a button, you are allowed to buy your medication that has a prescription. Many Kenyans prefer buying their medicine online due to the availability of most drugs. It is also easier to compare prices with other online chemists, unlike the physical stores.  Also, it makes you decide which medicine has what ingredients to treat the condition you might be having. The article lists the best online chemists in Kenya.

  • Good life – Best Chemist in Kenya

Good life pharmacy is among the leading online chemists around Kenya. It sells a variety of products. From supplements to vitamins to health care equipment, skincare products, family planning medications, makeup, and fragrances.   Despite having sold their products online, they also have physical stores across the country. Every physical store has a licensing number.

By visiting a website, you can buy medical products directly, you able to make an order, you can also locate the nearby stores where you can take yourself and get your drugs.

  • My Dawa

This is an app operated by the MYDAWA pharmaceuticals. It’s among the top pharmacies in the Kenya online market place.  They offer the high-quality medication at a fair price. They sell, multivitamins, hygiene products, and beauty and skincare products, dietary supplements.

A doctors’ prescription will be needed for you to purchase a product here. And it is licensed by the Pharmacy and Poison Board of Kenya.

  •   Pharmacy Direct Kenya

It’s an online pharmacy that sells high-end quality generic as well as branded products.  It markets items like vitamin supplements, beauty products, skincare products, prescription drugs, sexual enhancement medication, among others. However, for you to complete an order, you must provide a valid prescription.  The products are genuine, and they follow the guidelines state day Kenya Pharmacy and Poison Board.

  • Livia Dawa

 This is an app that specializes in the selling of medicines, personal products, hygiene products, OTC supplements. You use the app to order your prescription drugs. Then they deliver them to your doorstep or the location that is close to you. The app offers refills for the pharmaceuticals. It also acts as a reminder for your medics the time you need to take.  And before they run out, they send you a reminder as well. You can get personalized care support from a doctor on demand. However, you can only order medicine on prescription.

  • Dawa Swift

This is a market place which enables you to order and shop medicine from the local and best online pharmacies in Kenya.  Since there are many pharmacies, only the vets can fill medications like the generic, brand, over the counter, as well as specialty.  Fare order; you decide whether to have them delivered at your doorstep, or you go for them at the nearest outlet. The good thing about this pharmacy is that it accepts all major plans on insurance. This is to mean, you can buy medicine, through government or private sponsored insurance plans. And above all, you get to buy the medication at very affordable prices.

You could be having many options while deciding to buy prescription or non-prescribed products from online stores in Kenya.  But always ensure that before you purchase anything, the online store you decide is genuine. Also, ensure it is operating under a license, which is usually given by the Kenya Pharmacy and Poisons Board.  Try to avoid stores that emphasize you are providing doctors prescriptions before buying the product.

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