4 Top Tech Innovations from Kenya

Kenya is widely known for athletics excellence. If the Eliud Kipchoge’s INEOS challenge is anything to go by, we have excelled in the athletics realm. Besides athletics, Kenyans are also excelling in other fields, especially in the technology and innovation sector. Inspired by the challenges we face daily, a couple of Kenyans have invented some cool and life-saving software and gadgets to solve these problems. Below are some of the 4 top tech innovations at a glance;

  1. M-Pesa
  2. A list with the most notable tech innovations can’t be complete without mentioning M-Pesa. This is a mobile money transfer platform that lets you send and receive money from one part of the country to another. Almost everyone with a phone in Kenya can use M-Pesa to send and receive money. Better yet, you can now pay bills and buy goods online using M-Pesa. This money transfer platform has been developed over the years to ensure that it’s safe and convenient. M-Pesa is one of the 4 top tech innovations.
  1. Sign-10, the Smart Gloves
  2. Now, this is one impressive innovation by Roy Allela, a 25-year-old innovator. He wanted a way for him and his family to communicate with his niece, who was born deaf. This inspired him to come up with smart gloves. These are gloves equipped with flex sensors that help to translate the sign language into words through an android app. He won the Trailblazer award by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers due to the high level of accuracy this device achieves.
  1. Lights that can Scare away Lions
  2. As much as Lions are a sight to behold in National Parks, they do wreak havoc to the herding communities around the parks. This is by killing their animals. There have also been cases where lions killed people too. Richard Turere, a young herder, couldn’t take it anymore. He designed solar power lights that mimicked someone moving around with a torch. He figured that Lions are afraid of running lights. This discovery, combined with his love for electronics, birthed the innovation. Richard’s inspiring story has also been featured on TED talks.
  1. I-Cut App
  2. FGM is still a problem in some parts of Kenya and Africa at large. Most girls have become victims of this outdated tradition since they have no one to reach out to. Some of them don’t know the ills of this practice. Some have had to quit school, while others may have suffered permanent physical and psychological damage.

To help solve this problem, Kenyan High School developed the I-Cut app to connect girls with rescue agents. The app also has tons of information about the negative effects of FGM. When these girls learn of its negative effects, they’ll be more inclined to reach out and even help other girls in their communities. The International Technovation Contest has also recognized this innovation.


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