23 Great Tourist Destinations in Africa You Should Visit

23 Great Tourist Destinations in Africa You Should Visit

Once in a while, it feels good to break your daily routine to just travel the world. Exploring the world gives you a breath of fresh air as well as helping you unwind. Altogether, being in a new place gives you a different perspective on life. Are you searching for amazing destinations to visit in Africa? This article gives you some of the best tourist destinations you might want to consider in your next trip.

1. The Victoria Falls, Zambia, and Zimbabwe
Photo courtesy of Tomas Anunziata via Pexel.com

Commonly referred to as “Mosioa or “The Cloud That Thunders”, Victoria Falls is a marvel. They are the biggest falls in the world, located at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. However, the Zambian side offers the best view of the Victoria Falls. So, you’d better plan to visit Zambia for a lifetime adventure. The Victoria Falls are believed to have first been discovered by a European when Scotsman David Livingstone visited in 1855. These beautiful falls standing at a height of 108 meters are believed to have waters flowing at 12,800 cubic meters per second. It is indeed an amazing view of water flowing at supersonic speeds in quick succession. You can as well hike or walk along the trails as you view the falls from the top. Victoria Falls is a must-visit.

2. Maasai Mara Nationa Park, Kenya
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Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya has all kinds of lovely scenes. The great wildlife that is comprised of different bird species, zebra, Thompsons Gazelles, and wildebeest makes your trip enjoyable. If you visit between the months of July and October, you are lucky to be fascinated by the migration of the wildebeests as they head to the Serengeti in Tanzania. It is indeed a golden sight of the wildebeest moving at swift speeds in one unison. You wouldn’t miss this lifetime moment. These creative creatures in different sizes, ages and species will make your visit to Maasai Mara one of the most memorable.

3. Nyika Plateau National Park, Malawi


Photo by ray rui via unsplash.com

This is the largest national park in Malawi. It has a plateau through which rivers branch as they head to Lake Malawi. One great feature worth exploring is the Great Rift Valley at the eastern side of Nyika Plateau National Park. On top of that, you get a chance to hike or ride your mountain bike on the favorable slopes. Do you love wild animals, especially the leopards? This national park shelters the largest number of leopards in Central Africa. You also get to watch the zebra, antelope and different bird species in their habitats. These African Wild give you adrenaline as you witness them, teasing, fighting and fending for themselves.

4. Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo
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In the Albertine Rift Valley of the Democratic Republic of Congo lies the Virunga National Park. This beautiful park inhabits dozens of mountain gorillas. It’s such a wonderful scenery of the large numbers of mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, and many species of monkeys. The diverse biodiversity of this national park is out of this world, especially the various plant species you have always wanted to see. Dating back to 1925, and being among the first areas to be protected, Virunga National Park is the safest place to explore the flora and fauna. Be sure to check in at this national park for a marvelous trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

5. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
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This mountain is located in Tanzania and the tallest mountain in Africa. It boasts a summit of 5,895 meters above sea level. You are assured of viewing the glorious summit and explore its biodiversity further as you embark on climbing it. Mount Kilimanjaro lies just 205 miles away from the equator hence its high temperatures. However, sometimes back glaciers were witnessed from the top. The scholars argued that this was a result of the ice that was there in the past. Mt Kilimanjaro provides a natural habitat for all kinds of wildlife, with 24 different species of bats and 25 different species of antelope. Furthermore, you spend quality time admiring the African Wild especially the lions, buffaloes, antelopes and various species of birds. The lush rain forests and the meadows on your way to the top are just a breathtaking view you would always reminisce.

6. Agadez City, Niger
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This incredible desert city serves as a gateway to Air Mountains and the Tenere Desert. At the horizon is a splendid view of the cool mountains and the amazing desert sand dunes. Situated at the heart of this city is the Grand Marche trading center. During your visit here you will enjoy the vibrant trading from the locals and also other nationalities. From the Tuareg nomads selling their camels, to Hausa merchants in long, colorful robes and the Fulani traders in huge Chinese-styled hats. A trip to Agadez City lets you catch a glimpse of traditional mud houses that are part of the culture. The craftsmen selling their wares will also sell to you their beautiful handcrafts for your family and friends back home. Your visit to Niger would be incomplete if you don’t check in at the great Agadez city.

7. Coastal Forts, Ghana
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Dating back to the 17th Century, the astounding forts offer major tourist vacations in the region. The once used as storage and prison centers forts, are today guesthouses to host the tourists. Plan to tour the St George’s Castle in Elmina together with Cape Castle and Museum to learn about the rich cultural heritage of the Ghanaians. Furthermore, get to learn the history of these forts which the European soldiers used to store their weapons and at one time prisons to lock in the locals who defied their orders. Indeed the Coastal Forts of Ghana offer a rich cultural heritage in Ghana.

8.Ganvie, Benin
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Isn’t it amazing getting to explore a whole village floating on a lake? This is all In Benin. Ganvie features an unusual setting of a village built on wood just a few feet above a lake. The traditional houses are constructed of wood, and you will be mesmerized by how normal the locals take it.  However, this place is only conducive for day trips so keep that in mind as you plan your itinerary. It’s so divine watching the locals go about their normal activities like going to school, trading at local shops and even selling their wares on boats. The bamboo and stilts made hotels offer traditional cuisines and tranquil environment for your relaxation.

9. Loanga National Park, Gabon
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Want to see whales, chimps, and gorillas all in one park? Well, this park is the place to be! It’s actually referred to as Africa’s last Eden due to this unique feature of all the wild held in there. On top of that, Loanga National Park offers a great variety of swamps, wildlife, the beach and tropical forests in just a single package. This diverse park has the main lodge and satellite camps, giving you a range of options to choose from. The main safari operators to help with your trips within the park are Africa’s den and World Primate Safaris. This is a place worth exploring for the adventurous you!

10. Bandiagara Escarpment, Mali
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This stunning natural feature is home to the Dogon people. Their high traditional houses running to about 125 miles are a sure wonder to stare at. The breathtaking view of Bandiagara Escarpment is a gateway to great villages, traditionally masked arts dancers and the amazing landscape. Take home juicy stories about the talented Dogon people who will entertain you until your ribs can’t help it. Hotel Kambarry lets you unwind from your itinerary escapades with unique traditional cuisines and affordable accommodation services. A visit to Mali would be great with Bandiagara Escarpment on your bucket list of places to explore.

11. Goree Island, Senegal
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It is a small island also known as lle de Goree. A Contrast to the noises emanating from the hustle and bustle of Dakar City, this island gives you a tranquil environment to cool down. It also features the Maison de Esclaves ( House of Slaves), constructed by the Dutch in 1776. This great building attracts visitors who are eager to learn the history behind it from the guides. As a result of this, it has been transformed into a museum open every day apart from Mondays. To learn about the rich cultural heritage of the Senegalese, be on  Goree Island for a few days of your vacation.

12. Mount Cameroon, Cameroon

To start with, Cameroon’s capital is a great place to be, with a fresh aroma of roasted plantain and grilled fish. The friendly Cameroon people let you stroll the streets in peace. It is also worth noting that visitors can tour the region via the famous Ring Road. Mt Cameroon is the next stunning place to ensure you reach. It has the highest peak in West Africa, standing at 4 040 meters. Since Mount Cameroon has not erupted since 2000, it’s a perfect spot for hiking activities. The variety of trails like the Guinness Trail named after a marathon race that was sponsored by the Guinness Beer company, lets you explore the mountain fully as you catch stunning glimpses of the beautiful landscape.

13. Sao Tome & Principe
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This is the second smallest island in Africa after Seychelles. This country has spectacular natural scenery and historic landmarks. You can indulge in activities like snorkeling, hiking, bird watching and fishing on this fantastic island. The tours to town provide a chance to learn the rich culture, enjoy local and international cuisines as well buy the locally made goods you like. It’s sure a beautiful island you do not want to skip on your African trip.

14. Lesotho, Liberia
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This laid back vacation spot has the biggest rain forest in West Africa. As a result, there is conducive weather for your tour here. The great hills alongside rubber and coffee plantations are a spectacular view you would enjoy during your stay. Also, the golden sandy beaches and blue lagoons are awesome tourist sights. There are luxurious resorts for relaxation after tiresome visits, which include Libassa Eco Lodge in Marshall.

15. Gambia, “Smiling Coast”
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The sandy beaches, vibrant culture of the Gambians, lagoons and the fascinating cuisines will all amaze you. Do you enjoy viewing wildlife, especially the African wild? Gambia is the place for you. The Kachikally Crocodile Pool gives a great time hanging out with the crocodiles. The Eagle Heights Conservation Center also lets you learn a few things about eagles. Indeed Gambia is the place to be for epic wildlife encounters.

16. Cape Verde
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This small country in the Western part of Africa provides heavenly sea shores at the Barlavante Trio. Sao Vicente and Santiago islands are awesome picks too, for nightlife activities like dancing to the rhythm of Morna beats. While here, you are assured of exploring a serene destination with scenic beaches for sunbathing and sand walking. It’s also a splendid chance to learn the way of life of the locals.

17. Tunis, Tunisia
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This vibrant city has several outlets where you can surf through the cool waters of the Mediterranean Sea, for instance, the La Goulette Port. Its proximity to the sea is refreshing for a sparkling sun at daybreak and a cool sea breeze in the evenings. The sandy beaches along the sea, the waves, and the blue waters are phenomenal for a visit. After a long day of wandering in the city, the refreshing breeze at the beaches come in handy for a relaxed mind and body.


18. The Great Rift Valley, Kenya
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This is a geographical feature that is 6000km stretching from Jordan ( Middle East) to Mozambique ( Africa). It features epic landmarks like mountains, highlands, coral reefs, volcanoes, lakes, and valleys. The Kenyan Rift Valley specifically offers an astounding experience. From the flamingos of Lake Nakuru, salty waters of Lake Bogoria and fishing at Lake Naivasha. At the Kenyan Rift Valley, you would get involved in trekking the Menengai Crater, take stunning photos with the wildlife or just picnic at the beautiful sceneries.

19. Okavango Delta
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This is a diverse ecosystem you would love to visit in the northern part of Botswana. The variety wildlife found here will give you fresh memories about Okavango Delta. Swimming hippos in the Okavango River are a sight that you can glue your eyes to for hours. The rare gorillas and elephants in the neighboring Kalahari desert are fun to watch as they move in groups, tease each other and play.

20. Marrakech City, Morocco
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Marrakech city is popularly known as the “Red City” due to its colorful buildings and vibrant life. It has an all year, whether because of its proximity to the Atlas Mountains. Be sure to check in at the  Marrakech Museum for sculptures, arts and ancient artifacts among the Moroccans. A visit at the Majorelle Garden, Menara Garden, and the Olive grove are as well worth taking. They give a natural feel that helps you cool off your brain. For affordable lodges, check out Medina and Hivernage and Semlalia regions for a luxurious stay at Morocco’s Marrakech City.

21. Namib Desert, Namibia
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Are you looking to tour the world’s largest desert? It’s right here in Africa, The Namib Desert. It contains the world’s tallest sand dunes, unique plant species and animals like the desert elephant which withstands the dry conditions, that go for many days without drinking water. Actually, at the Namib Desert, you will meet this beast which is able to survive from the moisture of the herbs it consumes. Stretching inland from the Atlantic ocean, this desert is a gateway to the gorgeous view of the natural resources.

22. Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary and Sine-Saloum Delta, Senegal
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Visitors get fascinated by the epic wildlife which consists of pelicans, flamingos, and kingfishers. There’s also the mangrove forests, baobab trees, lagoons, islands, and rivers. Sun basking on the beaches of Dakar is also another great activity here. Luxurious hotels like Royal Lodge and Lodge des Collines de Niassam offer sumptuous cuisines like rice with chicken stew.

23. Djenne, Mali
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It is located on an island in Niger Delta just a few miles from Timbuktu. This ancient city dates back to 800 AD and was a market hub for early traders between the Sahara Desert and forests of Guinea. The Grand Mosque, which dominates the market square is also a key attraction to guests here. It was once a learning center for Islamic thus the popularity of the city. Similarly, the diversity of the market with people from all walks of life trading at Djenne, assures you a great time at Djenne. It is best to visit Djenne between the months of August and September since then the city returns into an island.


Be sure to visit the above destinations during your next trip. The awesome experiences you get will stay with you for the rest of your lifetime. Meeting new cultures, new people and new places will be awesome for you.