19-year-old Ghanaian Student Accepted at 5 Top Universities in the World


Carolyn Asante Dartey studied her 1st year at Wesley Girls High Scool, a prestigious senior Girls School in Ghana. Later, Carolyn got admission to Lincoln Community School after taking first place in the Dr. Dennis Larkin Scholarship program which supports bright Ghanaian students with a world-class education for two years in grade 11 and 12. Carolyn is a bright star according to the legacy she left in her former schools. She has taken Ghana on the road map for securing admission in two Ivy League Schools. She got accepted to top USA universities including Yale, Princeton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Toronto, Syracuse, Pace University, Lynn University, among others. After careful consideration, Carolyn has decided to join Stanford University. Her mother who has been a constant reminder of the girl’s potentials, beamed with joy as she received the great news.

After completing her basic education, she joined Wesley Girls School. Her love for Mathematics made her join the National Science and Maths Quiz team. During this time her mother heard about the Lincoln Community School program. Aware that her daughter was an academic giant, she sent her the details through the senior house mistress. Carolyn as eager to expand her academic ability as always started studying the details. Having just a week to provide her academic qualifications, recommendation letter from Wesley Girls School, and a solid proof that they couldn’t afford the school fees, she tried her luck and she was in.

The young elite applied to 19 universities for consideration. It’s amazing how 10 universities accepted her applications due to her exemplary performance at school. 2 schools put her+ 9*on waitlist while 7 rejected her. But the Lincoln Community School was delighted to get accepted from so many schools. She was indeed spoilt for choice.

Carolyn recalls how it was like getting admitted at Lincoln Community School where her history began. “In the beginning, it is hard transitioning into a new school. Not just socially but the Academics too. The systems are different. The normal Ghana Education System and the International Baccalaureate (IB) are different since the IB system is an advanced system. It was difficult for her to work with the tech equipment, write lab reports, and craft the specific formats at first. Efforts by the students and the teachers to help couldn’t bear much fruit. As intelligent as she is, the young brilliant mind embarked on personal research and study on all the topics and surely she managed to grasp everything.

Carolyn loves the flexible environment of learning in her new school where she can wear what she wants. Although she misses her social life in the former school, Carolyn loves the exposure she has gotten from this school.

Like normal students, the young scholar started applying for her higher education after graduating from Lincoln Community School. Her scholarship covered even the college application fees. This gave her the advantage to apply for as many schools as possible. The school counsellor reminded her that there was no harm in trying her luck in top schools.

It’s indeed a remarkable achievement in getting to choose which school to attend from 5 notable schools. After careful consideration, she narrowed down to Yale and Stanford University. Of course, she chose Stanford over Yale because of her love for Mathematics. Since she dreams to become an influential person in the society especially in the Mathematics field, she had to go for a maths-related course at Stanford.