10 Things to Consider when Moving to Africa

Moving to Africa is one of the biggest adventures you can ever have. However, one needs to have the right mentality in Africa first. This way, you will be able to enjoy your stay, and you won’t find it socially, physically, emotionally difficult. Whether you intend to spend two weeks or three or even months, you should let your move to Africa be a trip with a purpose. The trip to this continent gives you a chance to learn what you can fit, whether professionally or personally. So, what is that, which you should consider before moving into Africa?

  • Identifying the country that interests you

Many people just want to live in Africa, but they have no idea which country they want to stay in. Start by identifying a region. Once you have a region, decide on which country you would want to live in. After this, it is good you make a trip there first. Either way, you can choose to make a trip to all the regions in each country. This way, you can be able to narrow down the country with what you like where.

  • Will the country you choose to work out for you?

You might like a particular country via social media, and you aren’t sure if its an idea for you. As such, you should look for facts about finding books first. Then make a list of the experience you want to have. Also, write down the questions you would like to ask when there. This will give you more understanding of the country’s visit.

  • Getting information from the websites

At times it becomes hard to get the needed information from the internet. It can fail to give you the details you need as a newbie in a country. Also, many things look prettier on the website, unlike in their actual site. Some information is gathered well in person.

  • About immigration rules and professional opportunities

Making a short trip to the country of your interest will help you learn about the opportunities therein and the immigration rules. You can decide to meet the professional from your career to help you look for what fits you. In the stay, you can always stop at immigration offices to enquire what you don’t know.

  • Self-reflection on your moving to Africa

It is imperative to consider having a self-reflection before moving to Africa. Ask yourself several questions. It can be, will the healthcare of the desired country good enough for your medical needs? Is there more responsibility at home that will need your attention? How flexible am I? if most of your answers are no, then you can reconsider your decision or country of choice.

  • Engage experts in your planned trips

Get to know some trips from foreign who have lived in the country you wish to stay. However, different countries got different experiences. Challenges differ from one country to another. It would be best if you were on the know-how of which can work best for you.

  • Getting ready for new cultures

Be ready to meet with some cultural practices and practices that will shock. People are squatting along the roads to do their businesses — people sleeping under mosquitos’ nets.


  • Manage your expectations

It can be hard to leave some things that make your life easy without you noticing them. But when you arrive in Africa, you tend to see their absence. This leads you to start the comparisons. But the best way to handle this is by just being flexible.

  • Be financially ready

Different from the expectations of many people, African cities are quite expensive. Economists say that rent and food are 55%and 35% respectively more costly compared to other continents.

  • Moving agenda

It good you have an apparent reason as to why you want to move to Africa. This will help you in settling down with the best for that purpose. Be it for business, vacation, or permanent shifting. Different countries differ in terms of climate, political instability, among other issues.

In conclusion, always feel free to ask any questions that you may have. Look for professional and certified people to help you around. You would want to lose your money before you even moving to Africa.