Africa Foods Nigerians Abroad Would Kill to Have

Nigerians abroad sometimes feel homesick when they are unable to have a taste of Nigerian delicacies for a long time. Although these foods are not necessarily the choicest, they give them a sense of belonging and remind them of their fatherland. The alternatives do not meet up in taste, feel, and look. Here are four of such foods Nigerians abroad miss and would kill to have.

Boli and Groundnut

“Boli” and groundnut is one street food eaten by lots of Nigerians. It isn’t only tasty, it is very filling and can carry one on for a very long time. It is made of roasted plantain and fried groundnut. You can decide to grill plantain on your sophisticated grill abroad, but there is just something different about the Nigerian version. On the street here, the women who roast them use coal and the local grill. The coal fire gives it an unusual but special taste and texture that you may not achieve with oven or sophisticated grill. That makes the difference.


Moi Moi

“Moi-Moi Elewe (Leave)”
‘Moi-Moi’ is a Nigerian staple food made from beans pastry. It is very rich in protein. A mix of pepper, onions, and seasoning is added to the beans pastry, cooked in leaves, nylon, or tin cup. There are claims that the one cooked in leaves is the sweetest of all, and it is also the hardest to prepare because it takes a special skill to wrap the moi-moi in the leaves properly to avoid a spill. Tell me where and how you will achieve this abroad?

Party Jollof Ric

“Party (Owambe) Jollof Rice”

Jollof rice is of different levels; The homemade Jollof is what almost anyone can prepare (be it in Nigeria or abroad). But not everyone can make Nigerian party jollof rice, especially Nigerians abroad. This food has a unique way of preparation, and the original one is cooked on firewood. There is a theory that ‘party jollof rice has a special taste that cannot be achieved in-house.’  So, many Nigerians look forward to ‘owanbe’ parties, simply because of their delicious foods, including jollof rice. Where would an abroad based Nigerian get such?


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