6 Rules Newbie Weightlifter Should Care About

Weightlifting sport is a game of rules. Rules serve as a quick reference for decision making in the sport. They also provide guidelines for orderliness and preserve the sanctity of the game. It is expected that experienced weightlifters are already masters of the games. Only stupidity will make them break the rules. Newbies are, however, perpetual platform rule-breakers with ignorance as their main driving force. 

Some Basic Rules Newbie Weightlifters Should Know.

Bar Contact Rule: Bar contact rule, also known as respect rule, is one of the essential categories of laws in weightlifting. To break this rule is to disrespect and show contempt to the entire weightlifting sport. Let’s see what they are.

Rule 1: Touch, not the bar with your foot. It is forbidden to touch the bar with your foot on the weightlifting platform. Isn’t it just a bar with plates attached to it? A newbie might question. No, it isn’t just a bar. It is the heartbeat of the sport. That was why an experienced lifter cringed the last time he saw you touched the bar with your foot. Hands are best in moving the bar. You might not fall prey to this if you are compelled to sign off on it as part of your training contract.

Rule 2: Don’t step over the bar. It is essential you avoid walking across a bar when you are done with your lift. Leave the platform by walking around the bar and not over it. Do not disrespect the sport. You might just be sanctioned.

Platform Contact Rule: Weightlifting platform is built to absorb the force that comes from your activity. The weight lands on the platform when you drop it. Yes, you can do that as many times as possible because that is what it is built for, but before you do that, take note of this simple platform rule.

Rule 3: Know your weight plate type. It isn’t a waste of time to get familiar with the type of weight plates you have on your bar. The top of mind plates is bumper plates, dumbbell plates, rubber plates, steel plates, and iron plates. If you have bumper plates, go ahead, drop the weight, and the platform would still be intact. Don’t try it with steel plates. They only cause damage to the rubber made platform.

Rule 4: Touch the platform with feet only. It is not permitted to touch the platform with any other part of your body. You are not the bar and plates. So, don’t roll yourself on the platform in the name of doing push-ups or workouts. If you need one, move the bar off the platform or leave the platform to another location to exercise yourself. Only your feet are allowed.

Safety rule: This cannot be overemphasized. Safety is of utmost importance in weightlifting sport. Safety rules are endless. New ones keep springing up and adding to the list. A few of them are:

Rule 5: Avoid restrictive clothing. Wear workout tailored-made clothes that allow easy movement of the body. In a nutshell, keep it close-fit, collar-less, and above the knees. Restrictive clothes prevent appropriate body postures, which can ultimately lead to death or injury. Thus; appropriate clothing is a prerequisite for safety.

Rule 6:  During the rest period, resist the temptation of doing workouts in front of another weightlifter who is about to attempt a lift. You might get injured.

The above rules are simple but very important in weightlifting. They separate the professionals from the amateurs. Get to know them and move from being a newbie to a master in the game. You don’t have to be a newbie forever.


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