Why South Sudanese Fans Joined in Singing Sudan’s National Anthem

"Why South Sudanese Fans Joined in Singing Sudan's National Anthem"
BACKPAGEPIX Image caption, Sudan, captained by Bakhit Khamis (left, in red strip), beat neighbours South Sudan in the first game at the new national stadium in Juba but still won the support of the home crowd

The recent visit of the Sudanese football team to Juba, the capital of South Sudan, was a powerful symbol of togetherness and hope amidst the backdrop of continuous civil war that has lasted over a year. The two countries put aside their differences for the sake of a moving football match, despite their long history of animosity against one another. The war had ended in 2005, and South Sudan gained its independence in 2011 as a result.

Symbolic of a deep solidarity that transcended political and historical animosities, the event was about more than just sports. In spite of physical separation, thousands of Sudanese fans sang the national song, demonstrating the power of football to bring people together.

This show of unity lifted the Sudanese national team, who went on to maintain their perfect record in the 2026 World Cup qualifying matches. One of the team’s forwards, Mo Adam, pondered on football’s importance beyond just competition, saying that the sport is a special language that can bring joy to their country. As an example of how football can promote an environment of acceptance and unity, he described the tremendous support from supporters of various backgrounds.

A Sudanese journalist with ties to the national football association, Abdul Musa, highlighted the poignant significance of playing the national anthem amidst such turbulent times. He made note of the players’ tears, which he said symbolized the moment’s profound emotional resonance and the Sudanese people’s togetherness in the face of persistent difficulties.

The football field has become a haven of unity and resilience in Sudan, a country that has been in the midst of its own civil war for almost a year, with terrible human effects recorded by international agencies. Amidst the devastating humanitarian situation, football stands as a strong symbol of unity and optimism, with the United Nations estimating that millions have been displaced due to the fighting.

Finally, Sudanese football offers more than just entertainment; it is a powerful symbol of the perseverance and solidarity of the Sudanese people. Even though our country is going through tough circumstances, football has the power to bring people together, put aside their differences, and celebrate our shared heritage long after the game ends.


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