Tunisia president promises Jewish safety after synagogue attack.


Following a deadly synagogue attack on Wednesday, Tunisian President Kais Saied met with the country’s chief rabbi and vowed to protect Jewish citizens and temples.

On Tuesday, a member of the National Guard opened fire on the island of Djerba’s oldest synagogue, killing two Jewish visitors and two police officers. He had previously murdered a coworker at a naval base.

Last week, Saied claimed that the attack was carried out by “criminals” seeking to harm the tourism industry.

On Wednesday, he met with Tunisia’s chief rabbi, chief Christian archbishop, and Muslim mufti, with whom he praised their “historical message” of coexistence and tolerance.

We will protect your sacred temples on your behalf. “We will provide you with all security conditions, so you can live in peace and security,” Saied said during the meeting’s broadcast portion.

The attack killed two Jewish cousins, one French and the other Israeli and Tunisian, during a yearly celebration.

According to Chief Rabbi Ha’m Bittan, the president assured them that the recent events would not be repeated.

The word “terrorism,” which Saied has used to describe interventions by his political opponents since extending his powers in 2021, was not used to describe the shooting.

Tunisia, which is predominantly Muslim, has one of the largest Jewish communities in North Africa, with approximately 1,800 Jews.

Every year, hundreds of Jews from Europe and Israel travel to Djerba for the festival, which has been held under strict security since al Qaeda militants attacked the synagogue with a truck bomb in 2002, killing 21 Western tourists.


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